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The beautiful season: restructuring air

For those who have just purchased an apartment that needs a renovation or for those who have lived in a property for many years and would like to renovate the premises, the best time to home refurbishing it is precisely that of the summer. No time of the year is more appropriate than the seasons like spring and summer when temperatures are warm and usually does not rain. Restructuring is a complicated activity but it can certainly be facilitated by the possibility of working outdoors, if you have a garden, a courtyard or a simple terrace, thanks to the particularly favorable climate. Although the interventions are limited to an internal portion of the building, having access to the outside is a factor to be taken into consideration because, of course, the works will gain in speed and comfort of execution.

Choose the best time to restructure by following our useful tips

The advantages in doing the spring jobs at home in this period are considerable and should be exploited as much as possible to make this experience pleasant, often causing upset and stress. First of all, the beautiful season means good humor, in particular for the owners who can draw from the clear days all the energy necessary to progress with the building interventions, from a simple whitewashing to an important demolition work. Starting the restructuring in an active and lively way will certainly favor the reduction of waiting times, anticipating more and more the end of operations. It should also be considered the convenience in being able to access the external spaces without rigid temperatures or rains that would slow down the progress forcing the workers to work inside the walls of the house. In good weather, however, it is possible to arrange the materials in the garden without having to bring all the equipment inside. Just think of a concrete mixer to mix concrete or mortar, it is definitely more convenient to prepare them outside rather than inside the house. Or if you want to repaint the walls and have to move the furniture, it is very useful to be able to arrange the furniture where it is not bulky when drying the paint.

What months are to be avoided for restructuring

the-best-time-to-renovate-2There are also some periods that it would be better to avoid if you want to proceed with a restructuring of your home in order not to risk seeing the duration of the interventions prolonged due to external factors. Absolutely to exclude the month of August which, although it is the ideal time to settle home since it is probably on vacation, is also the period of closure of the shops and businesses, including the building ones. So, as long as there are no small operations that do not require personnel, restructuring can begin with working holidays, otherwise it will be necessary to wait until September. The late autumn months such as October and November until February or March are just as badly recommendable. In these two seasons companies often do not work due to the rigidity of the temperatures and the bad weather, for this reason it is good to plan only certain operations that can be performed inside the house without disturbing the lives of the people who live there.

Small and large interventions based on needs

When we talk about restructuring, we mean different types of interventions that have an equally different entity. The grouting of wall cracks is, of course, an operation not comparable with the replacement of fixtures given the amount of work required. Restructuring a home does not necessarily mean restoring an entire portion of the house, but it also represents all those small interventions that are left aside until you decide to refresh the rooms by adjusting any damage or problem. Help in this area can be given by our staff who can effectively assist the owner in restructuring both small operations such as replacing a faucet, and large operations such as reconstructing a masonry or plasterboard wall. A team of people who work from the point of view of customer satisfaction helping them in realizing their requests and desires.

Attention first of all to bureaucracy

There is a special regulation present in each Municipality of residence that governs the methods and the timing for performing certain jobs that need reporting. Obviously the bureaucracy can be frightening but being advised by the technicians provided by the company there will be no problem related to building permits. The whole procedure is carried out by the staff, however it is possible to carry it out independently by going to the Technical Office of your municipal authority where an employee in charge provides all the necessary information based on the type of intervention you want to perform. There are in fact several practices that differ according to the extent of the restructuring, thanks to the Madia law decree they have been partly simplified to facilitate citizens' knowledge. But don't worry: the technician and the architect who will follow the project to renovate the building will also provide the correct indications on which authorization to request.

Imagine the final result

To get prepared for the best time to renovate your home in order to start work without wasting time, you need to have in mind what you want to accomplish on the property and what actions need to be taken. Even the simplest operations performed without upstream planning can be unsatisfactory and, consequently, a loss of money. Imagining, instead, the final result and in which points you want to intervene, certainly the achievement of the objective will be assured. To facilitate this, the company staff offers the customer a virtual rendering in 3D, or the possibility of discovering the difference between the appearance of the building before and after the works. A service to be taken into consideration that will help in the imagination of one's home following the renovation.

The assistance of specialized personnel

The difference between a successful restructuring and a mediocre one is not only the choice of the best period but also the ability of the specialized staff to provide all the indications to restructure, from the project to the choice of materials. An attentive and expert staff in every field of restructuring is the secret for an intervention that ensures customer satisfaction and the least possible expense.

The project

Before starting work in the spring for the renovation of the house it is very useful to take advantage of the winter months to think about what interventions to carry out and how to effectively renovate the building to accommodate its desires and their feasibility. Thanks to'architect included in the price which is offered by some companies, it is possible to follow the developments step by step, interacting to make changes or corrections throughout the design phase. The advantage of this service is the human relationship with the staff that carefully takes care of customer relations while maintaining a constant connection with the client for any kind of information. Furthermore, the professional figure dedicated to this sector represents the team that works for the home renovation project, summarizing the efforts of numerous people who collaborate to create a pleasant, valid and personalized solution according to tastes and requests.

Budget assessment

Although spring fills the body with energy and desire to do, one cannot help but wonder how much it costs to renovate a home. Considering the sector, building interventions are not a category of economic operations since materials have a high cost and labor often represents the largest share of overall expenditure. When planning restructuring the-best-time-to-renovate-3must, of course, take the price into account, at least in general, of the operations to be carried out on the building. For certain activities, very low costs are envisaged, for example the whitewashing that can be done without resorting to skilled workers, for others instead the expense is high as in the case of the replacement of the roof. When calculating the budget it is therefore necessary not to omit anything, perhaps by getting help from the construction company that provides its customers with a free estimate in a short time. Having a clear idea about the investment to make is the first correct step to rightly renovate your home.

The problems to be faced during the restructuring

It may happen that during the restructuring problems arise from the project or from the practical implementation of the interventions. It is not necessary to despair or abandon the interventions because you can always have a consulting service from the company staff in order to find a solution for any error or change. Furthermore, the possibility that the actual expenditure is greater than the calculated costs should not be underestimated, a condition that appears in most of the interventions of this kind. As for the climate, even the warm season can include rainy days that limit the use of the garden, in these cases it is better to devote yourself to alternative works for the redevelopment of the interior.

Incentives and tax deductions

Mild spring days and pleasant temperatures are not the only reason to cool down the premises of your property. Another reason to renovate the house is the 2017 incentives offered by the State to carry out building renovation and maintenance operations. They constitute a reward that facilitates the redevelopment of the home or business premises by being able to take advantage of a deduction. Until 31 December 2017 it is possible to request the50% discount on restructuring and mobile bonus, two regulations that are highly appreciated by owners who see half of the amount spent to renovate repaid. From 1 ° June of the current year up to 31 December 2021 it is also possible to equip the buildings during the renovation of anti-seismic systems obtaining the reimbursement of 65% of the price spent. So, in particular, this year's spring is the right time for all those who want to renovate their homes and benefit from tax breaks.

A good way to get rid of stress

Restructuring one's home is often a cause of stress caused by incessant work and the impossibility of using the whole house. With the help of the company staff many concerns will vanish thanks to the staff who will perform the procedures in place of the owner. For this reason, restructuring can also be a source of relaxation since one can devote oneself to small, undemanding jobs such as painting walls, grouting or laying tiles as a decoration.

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