Restructuring Rustic

During a walk on the edge of the city or a hike in the countryside with the family, you noticed a charming but abandoned building. It is not just a ruin with a melancholy charm but a place that still has a lot to give.

Today we will delve into the reasons why you choose to renovate a rustic or an old farmhouse.

First of all it is an extraordinary opportunity to create an agriturismo or your dream home a few steps from the city. What are the aspects to be treated? And the style to furnish the interior? Let's find out.

The reasons for renovating a rustic building

Sustainability. Restructuring a ruin is your contribution to a society without waste.
Eco sustainability also means that if you don't build new houses, but use existing ones, you don't "consume land" and don't pollute. Today, many Italian cities are starting with the support of regional regulations, towards a sustainable urban policy.

Tax relief. La renovation of a rustic building it is certainly a demanding task, but it gives satisfactions from an economic point of view. These are interventions with the highest cost reduction, both for the purchase price of the property and for the price of the building works. Using the directives of Art. 16 of Legislative Decree 63/2013 it is possible to request tax exemption restructuring costs and get a very attractive state repayment.

Historical importance. Renovating a ruin means living in a place that will tell you so much about its history. To preserve the charm of an old house it is not necessary to alter its original layout, but only to enhance the pre-existing architectural details. Simple touches of color are enough to enhance the rough surfaces of traditional lime plasters and make the light vibrate. Depending on the age of the building, there may be restrictions on the changes to be made, be careful.

Renovating a rustic building: the style of the interior

When you start renovating and restoring a rustic, the style of the furniture does not necessarily have to be the classic one of the past. It is very interesting to use a style that contemplates the reuse of the antique in new forms such as the industrial style. A furnishing trend born in the United States to reuse abandoned work spaces, rusty furniture and exposed screws, was also always the time of the Second World War!

If you want to enjoy the simple forms of your architectural recovery entrusted to the country style. By enhancing the exposed wooden beams of the ceilings, the rough stone walls and the original doors, you will get a great result. The simple decor, the checked upholstery with a touch of eclecticism will make the place a cover. The important thing is to give character, and to highlight during the renovation, the specificity of the place.

Restructuring a farmhouse: incentives and bonuses

In recent years, as we have already mentioned, great impetus has been given by state policies towards building recovery. The restructuring bonus remember that it is valid only if the building already has a residential destination on the card. At a local level, to avoid landscape degradation, many municipalities give volumetric bonuses and in some cases also give the ruin to those who intend to redevelop it. Find out on the portal of your municipality, you may have some nice surprises.

In Tuscany the 3 regional law n.7.2.2017 has developed an ad hoc policy for the recovery of abandoned rural buildings, transforming the countryside into a year totally.

The Lombardy region has provided, in the 2018, funding aimed at setting up calls for urban redevelopment.

Any type of renovation of a ruin or an old rustic must be entrusted to the professionals of the sector. There is a need for a thorough analysis of the existing plants for their compliance with the current criteria. We need to carry out a renovation and a test of the roofs and beams.

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