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Carpet is the ideal flooring when we need a floor that is thermal and acoustic insulation. This choice is presented as one of the traditional solutions that can be used for to cover house floors. Below we present some advantages and some legend to dispel. moquette1If you are looking for right floor for your home, you will be spoiled for choice, today there are various solutions both as flooring and for the covering of existing floors. Among these a classic that never really sets is undoubtedly the carpet, commercially available in the form of rolls that can be shaped to adapt to the size of the rooms to be covered. L'architect or your interior design can offer you this solution to characterize different areas of the home.

Opt for a textile floor: when to choose the carpet

The advantages that arise if our choice falls on one carpet flooring is primarily aesthetic. Choose a textile cover for example for bedroom it gives a warm and romantic atmosphere, but above all welcoming if you think it is an insulating flooring. Carpet it also presents itself as the ideal solution for the your children's bedroom, as it absorbs bumps and footsteps, it prevents small domestic accidents as it minimizes the risk of slipping. Carpet it is particularly useful if there is a need to cover an existing floor quickly and easily, as installation and removal times are very short and costs are limited. Costs of this material are different and depend very much on the quality of the product, in the evaluation of the quote it is very important to consider the installation.

carpetWhich color to choose?

In choosing the most suitable floor, the choice of color is very important in terms of functionality. A light colored carpet, for example a pastel shade, will make even the smallest rooms appear more spacious.

Legends related to carpet

There are some legends about the fact that the Carpet is a type of flooring that holds dust mites, actually the latest laboratory studies and the use of technological machinery allow today to overcome this antiquated conviction. For the daily cleaning we recommend using a vacuum cleaner or a carpet cleaner and at least once a year a deeper cleaning is recommended with the use of a specific product.

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