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Your open space has he tired you? Or have you discovered that having a kitchen area in the living area can be inconvenient, if only for the smells that come from cooking food?

It might be time to think of home refurbishing, and maybe revise above all organizing your spaces to make it better for you and your loved ones.

If you need to to make compartments and to structure them differently, in this article we have thought of you and how to help you choose the perfect partition walls for your home.

The partition walls: what they are

First of all, what is an internal partition wall? And how is it used? The definition is intuitive, it is often about plasterboard sheets or prefabricated panels in various materials, for example wood or glass, which serve precisely to divide the different environments when it is not possible or not to realize a traditional masonry wall.

The choice of materials, appearance, dimensions and shapes of internal partition walls it is not only an aesthetic issue but also a constructive one: in fact all these panels must be supported by an adequate system, to fixed or mobile walls. All this must be done based on the space to be redesigned and the specific needs, as our Case Restructuring experts will be able to explain you in detail, who will be able to take care of the bureaucracy and the practical aspects of theinsertion of dividing walls, as well as evaluating the actual costs.

Bureaucracy: what to do and what to look at

Il Free building glossary last April, as explained here, has facilitated many owners in approaching a restructuring, because many bureaucratic processes have been eliminated.

In fact, though, the insertion of one or more internal dividing walls can change the number of rooms, the structure and other features of a house, for example the aeroilluminant ratio, or the relationship between the floor surface and that of the light openings, such as windows: all these elements must be considered because any modification could require permits and create problems in the future, such as those related to differences with what is stored in the land register.

Get creative with the right partitions for you

For each type of dividing walls the appropriate insertion system must be used, because it is solid and resistant, able to give you the right functionality, for example if the panels have to move because they also act as a door.

Finally, once assembled, you can finally dedicate yourself to customize the partition wall with the right style: colors, accessories, furnishings can help you make it ideal for your home. Some interesting ideas can also be found online, for example in this album on Pinterest.

Do you think your apartment needs to be renovated and you are evaluating the possibility of using partitions for your home? Contact us to talk to our experts and make the best choices!

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