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Il plasterboard it is a very material used in construction to its versatility e for the simple availability. The uses are manifold and foresee the realization of partition walls, false ceilings or counter walls and the creation of niches, shelves and bookcases. The use of this material ensures advantages in terms economic for the low cost e environmental because being an insulator it promotes energy savings.

The properties of plasterboard

Il plasterboard it is available in slabs of defined dimensions. It can be easily adapted for each use for its simple workability. It is a fireproof material e water-repellent, i.e. fire and water resistant. But the properties of plasterboard panels do not end here! In fact, thanks tohigh breathability it hinders the condensation phenomenon and therefore the formation of mold.
It can also be used forthermal and acoustic insulation. Using this material to insulate a building can be a winning move. In fact, it is a low cost and always feasible intervention. If you live in a condominium apartment you will not have to agree with the other tenants but simply apply these panels from the inside.

plasterboard panels

Plasterboard panels for thermal insulation

Plasterboard has, as we have seen, remarkable insulating properties. However, there are particular panels in which this feature is the predominant. These are suitably treated slabs to best meet these needs. For insulate the walls you can act from outside the famous coat o from within with internal counter walls according to the type of walls. Even if the walls are not perfect defined as square, the use of plasterboard panels is possible. External thermal insulation is more efficient than internal insulation although it is not always practicable. L'thermal insulation the interior is cheaper but reduces the volume of the rooms.

Insulate thermally to increase the energy class

THEEnergy Performance Attestation, commonly called APE, is a document drawn up by qualified technicians with whom you can quantifies energy consumption of a real estate unit. Each building belongs to a certain energy rating identified with a letter. The A4 class is the highest while the last class is G. By consulting the APE it is therefore possible to understand what interventions to do to improve the energy performance of your home. In this way the costs in the bill will be reduced and the value of the property on the market will be increased.

increase la energy rating of your home you have to put particular attention to the use of materials. The plasterboard it is suitable for this purpose due to its insulating properties ensuring thermal comfort and breathability. In fact, by making the walls "breathe", it helps regulate humidity, increasing the healthiness of the rooms.

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