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Having green corners available is really something pleasant, but it would be a mistake to believe that this is possible only if you have a garden of considerable size: paying due care in the design phase and carefully choosing plants, pots and all the other elements that will make up the context, in fact, you can create a fascinating "green" area even in a very simple balcony.

When we talk about green, both in the gardens and in the balconies, we must not imagine purely ornamental plants: even a domestic balcony, in fact, can become a small vegetable garden, and can therefore be used to grow and to grow plants that they will allow you to taste the products grown independently, the products on which you can have no doubt about their authenticity.

Surely the preparation of a vegetable garden in a balcony requires special attention, since the available spaces are very small, but its realization is not at all something unlikely: many people, on the other hand, have managed to create a vegetable garden in a few square meters without encountering major obstacles.

But why create a vegetable garden on a balcony? The most obvious aspect, as mentioned, is what we have already mentioned, that is, to be able to independently cultivate some types of fruit and vegetables and to be able to use them in the kitchen, with all the satisfaction of having made them be born on the balcony of the house, thanks to his passion and his time.

This, however, is just one of the reasons why creating a vegetable garden on the balcony of your home can be a tempting idea: a vegetable garden of this type is in fact to be considered very decorative and can be a visual alternative to plants. more classic ornamental objects. The flowers are beautiful, there is no doubt about this, but treating a plant with the aim of making it bear fruit is really something different.

A further reason for setting up a vegetable garden on the balcony of casa it is also represented by the simple pleasure of dedicating oneself to this hobby, a pleasant, original and very relaxing hobby.
Creating a garden at a domestic level, whether it is a vegetable garden recreated on a balcony or in a garden, is an activity that has significantly interested even psychologists, to the point that a neologism has been coined: orthotherapy.

Dedicating oneself to the care of a vegetable garden, regardless of its size, according to many psychologists would be an authentic remedy for the mind, helping the person to counter stress and anxiety: the care of the garden, in fact, is a restful activity, which allows you to be able to completely detach from work concerns and, in general, concerning everyday life. The fact of taking care of living beings, therefore of plants, according to psychologists would be very useful also to help the person take responsibility.

Optimize-the-space-the-balcony-obtaining-a-small-garden-i-potsParallel to the aspects we have mentioned, certainly very fascinating, there are also more obvious reasons why the care of a vegetable garden is considered a very positive activity: a hobby of this type, in fact, is an excellent "excuse" to spend of time in the open air, as well as to do some physical movement, however limited.

For many reasons, therefore, creating and caring for a vegetable garden on your balcony can be a very tempting idea, so let's see how this idea can be realized from a practical point of view.

First of all there is to say that a small garden can be realized both in the context of new buildings, therefore in which the furniture of the balcony must be made ex novo, both as regards already furnished dwellings: in these cases a small intervention of balcony renovation.

The renovation of the balcony is not at all a complex intervention, much less an intervention that involves the restructuring costs high: in order to make a small garden on a balcony, in fact, we don't have to spend much, in fact we can say without hesitation that the average expense for operations of this type is more than accessible, even for those who have a very limited budget.

The fact that the costs are low and that the space on which to intervene is reduced does not mean, of course, that the garden can be made in an approximate way and without a project: precisely because the spaces are meager, on the contrary, the design phases take on of crucial importance.

Since the vegetable garden must be made in a few square meters it is necessary to pay attention to the optimization of the spaces, and if you want to achieve a valuable result, both in terms of function and aesthetics, you can contact a company that specializes in renovations, requesting a budget for a balcony renovation or for the design of a vegetable garden on the balcony of a new apartment.

The professionals of the sector, from the height of their experience, can really amaze, creating magnificent vegetable gardens in small spaces such as those that may be those of the simple balcony of an apartment in a condominium, however you can certainly highlight some valuable suggestions for those who want to enhance his balcony in this way so captivating.

Since the spaces are so small, first of all, it is important to be able to enhance them not only in width, but also in height: climbing plants are really perfect, in the same way you can use hanging vases, similar hanging solutions, and even the classic ones planters to be placed on the balcony railing, obviously making sure that they cannot in any case constitute a danger for passers-by and other condominiums.

Optimize the balcony space by obtaining a small vegetable garden:
how to choose the best plants to grow

It is a good rule to choose rather deep pots, at least as far as the main pots are concerned: if you opt for models of this type, in fact, they will make up for their small size, guaranteeing the plants all the sustenance they need . An aspect to which attention must be paid while setting up a vegetable garden on the balcony of the house is that relating to lighting: so that plants grow healthy and in due time, in fact, it is necessary that they are well exposed to sunlight.

Each species of plant has different needs, however in general it is certainly a good rule to set up the garden so that the plants are exposed to sunlight at least from morning until early afternoon. If you have no particular experience with this hobby, it can certainly be good advice to buy small plants to grow, rather than seeds; also in this sense the needs change according to the type of plant that is intended to be cultivated, but the general advice is to plant the seedlings in the months of March and April.

An absolutely central aspect is also that relating to the type of plants to be cultivated in one's own vegetable garden: not all plants lend themselves to growing inside pots, or in any case in a particular context such as a vegetable garden recreated in a small space, therefore the choice must be made with due caution.

The plants that can grow and live quietly even on a balcony, however, are numerous, indeed it can be said without hesitation that you can have a rather consistent variety of choices available. In the vegetable garden from balcony some varieties of tomatoes are cultivated very often, like for example the delicious cherry tomatoes, also the chili pepper can easily grow in small pots and can find a thousand different uses in the kitchen.

Optimize-the-space-the-balcony-obtaining-a-small-garden-budEven the rocket is perfect for a "city" vegetable garden and can easily withstand even the lowest winter temperatures, equally ideal for a special vegetable garden such as carrots, radishes, corn, lettuce, without forgetting the most typical "icons" ”Of balcony plants, that is basil and parsley, always very useful for seasoning dishes. In addition, if you have the possibility of using rather large pots, you can also grow cabbage plants.

When the balcony garden is started it is certainly a good habit to control it consistently, at least every two or three days: in this way it will be possible to verify the condition of the plants and it will be possible to notice if the garden needs, in general, to small maintenance interventions.

Irrigation is one of the most important aspects concerning the management of a vegetable garden, and this also applies if the garden is set up on a balcony. It is unlikely to imagine the realization of automatic irrigation systems on a balcony, therefore watering must be done manually, also in consideration of the fact that cultivated plants generally have small dimensions, therefore they require a lot of care in these situations.

Since watering must be done personally, and this operation can absolutely coincide with the recommended "visits" to the balcony, it is useful to inquire about the water needs of the various types of plants present: finding this information is very simple, in fact it is enough carry out simple searches on the Internet, and in this way it is possible to differentiate the dosages so that the plants grow optimally.

When measuring yourself with this hobby, of course, it will be completely normal to find yourself and read articles dedicated to the plants grown on your balcony: grappling with this pleasant pastime will in fact lead to wanting to perfect more and more the way in which you treat your plants, and indeed, this is one of the most positive aspects of recreating a vegetable garden on the balcony of the house.

That of the vegetable garden on the balcony, therefore, is a feasible and very tempting idea, both on a restructuring-decorative level, and because it allows you to live a simple hobby, but also very rewarding.

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