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THEsummer is almost upon us and the beautiful days, the warm air and the sun are a real cure-all for everyone. But if we leave the cold and humidity of winter behind us, we will soon begin to complain about the hot and for the heat. High temperatures, in fact, are a source of stress for everyone and put our body to the test. In these cases, our homes become real shelters to escape the scorching sun of the hottest hours. But, as many of you know, even in casa it is necessary to create the right conditions to avoid suffering the hot excessive.

First of all, to enjoy one fresh home even in the summer season not all of us can afford the use of a conditioner. Or there are those who consciously choose to minimize its use, both for reasons of savings, which for ethical reasons, aimed at minimizing theenvironmental impact and to avoid excessive consumption of resources. If you are among those who prefer to make their own fresh home of course and with methods a Minimal environmental impact , you can adopt some tricks and use the simple tricks that we will reveal to you, below, in this article.

But we must not forget that we can remove the problem at the root and make ours casa more efficient (and therefore of course warmer in winter and cooler in summer) through gods interventions, complete or partial, of energy restructuring, also taking advantage of the government incentives available for the entire 2017. But we will deal with this later: let's go step by step and see what are the precautions to keep in mind for to cool our house in a simple and natural way and, especially, without using conditioner.

Find out how to keep the house cool in the summer without waste with our advice

As we have mentioned, it is not always essential to resort toconditioned air to be able to enjoy a fresh home even with high temperatures. Many are, in fact, the tricks that allow you to freshen up house without conditioner (or using it as little as possible) effectively. Here is a small handbook of the tricks you should keep in mind to have one fresh home even during the hottest days:

1) Close the windows during the hot hours
The first thing to do is definitely avoid the casa gets too hot. It is therefore useful, however contradictory it may seem, to keep the windows and shutters closed (or the shutters lowered, as the case may be) during the hottest hours. This is of fundamental importance because it prevents hot and humid air from entering casa. Instead, the windows should be kept open early in the morning and during the night, so as to allow the circulation of cooler air.

2) Avoid creating humidity
There are many activities we normally do in casa and that it would be good to avoid or, at least, limit during the hot hours, because they contribute to increasing the humidity inside the domestic spaces: doing laundry or showering in the cooler hours will avoid the formation of excessive steam and condensation and, consequently, a greater perception of heat.

3) Switch off electrical devices
Yes, keeping household appliances or electronic devices turned off during periods of inactivity is not only a useful feature save electricity, but it will help us to keep our home cool during the hottest hours. In fact, household appliances are an often neglected source of domestic space heating. So, never forget to turn them off when not in use.

fresh home4) Shield the direct light
It is very important to prevent sunlight from entering your home during the hottest hours. If, therefore, there are balconies, terraces or windows facing south in your home, it will be good to use systems that create shade and prevent the sun from entering. The are very useful curtains from balcony, but even a simple one can be valuable umbrella which, creating concentrated shaded areas, allows you to spend time outdoors.

They make the case for us climbing plants, especially in the garden, because in addition to shielding and creating shaded areas, they absorb part of the heat and create a particularly healthy microclimate. For south-facing windows, the use of tends sunblind or Venetian blinds. Finally, always use white curtains, which naturally reflect the sun's rays.

5) No to artificial heat sources
It might seem trivial, but when it does hot it is not really the case to rage using artificial heat sources such as, for example, oven and hairdryer, it would be really too much! Try to avoid keeping too many lights on, also because, in general,summer natural light is sufficient, at least during the day. Furthermore, using the latest generation LED bulbs could be a decisive choice, considering that the old incandescent lamps waste in heat about 90% ofenergia produced.

6) Cook little, preferably outdoors
The same goes for the stove: during hot periods, consuming fresh foods rich in water, such as vegetable and fruit salads, helps to better tolerate the heat. This is why it is useless to spend hours in the kitchen cooking. If you really can't help but use the fire, it is good to prefer rapid cooking systems, in order to prevent the casa you get too hot. Or, if you have the opportunity, it would be preferable to cook outdoors: a mixed grill on a barbecue could be a good compromise.

7) A heat-proof bed, the tricks to sleep well
We have reached one of the most critical points: succeeding in sleep well also in the summertime, Despite the hot. Yes, because we all know the insomnia typical of hot summer nights, in which we toss and turn in bed looking in vain for some fresh. But, even in this case, some changes can make the difference. First of all it will be of fundamental importance to use fresh cotton sheets, to be changed often. No to synthetic fibers which, in general, produce additional heat when in contact with the body.

The pillow, then, represents a separate problem. Often the classic goose down pillows hold the heat excessively. For this, it is advisable to replace them with those filled with buckwheat, which let the air through and do not hold heat, favoring a greater feeling of fresh in contact with it.

If even this solution should not be sufficient, it is possible in extremis to resort to a thermal cushion (which can be adjusted to hot, during the winter, and on cold during the'summer). Another bizarre but effective trick (also for the most intense nights) is to slightly dampen the sheets before going to sleep.

How-keep-the-house-cool-in-summer8) The fan, how to use it to the fullest
Il ceiling fan can be a valuable ally for refresh the house without using the air conditioner (compared to the latter, it consumes about 15 times less!), but to take advantage of its benefits it must be used in the most correct way.

First you need to set the rotation of the blades counterclockwise. This will allow the fan to generate a constant flow of air capable of refresh interiors for a long time. For an even more intense effect e refresh the house naturally, can be placed in front of the ceiling fan a container with ice: it will create a sort of breeze that will spread in the room making it fresh and comfortable. Finally, it can be very useful to place gods fans in the bathroom and kitchen, to ensure that the warmer air produced by the stove and shower is dispersed quickly.

9) The use of plants to cultivate fresh air in our apartment
In addition to freshIt is also important that the air quality in our home is good, rich in oxygen and free from harmful substances. This will help us breathe better and reduce the typical feeling of lack of air that accompaniessummer heat.

Getting more breathable air is very simple, just place these three plants in our apartment: the Areca palm, Epipremnum and Sansevieria. Recent studies have shown that these three plants have the ability to completely regenerate the air in our homes by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. In this case, trying costs nothing, it can only be good for us!

10) Remove the root problem with energy restructuring
All remedies to refresh your home without conditioner seen so far they are certainly very useful but they are still palliatives. The most effective and decisive choice to make ours naturally cool house in summer, without having to resort to expensive air conditioning systems, undoubtedly remains the complete energy restructuring or, where this is not possible, partial.

Energy restructuring, how, when and why

The need to make our homes autonomous and energy efficient is becoming more and more widespread, reducing to a minimum i consumption and encouraging the use of renewables. This trend does not respond only to economic reasons (although the savings are truly considerable!) But also of an ethical nature: our ecological awareness imposes on us greater responsibility towards the environment, for our benefit and for future generations.

So if we want to make ours efficient home and sustainable even during periods when people tend to consume more, such assummer, we can use one complete energy restructuring. This choice is supported by important government initiatives, such as the Ecobonus approved with the financial law Part 2017 which provide strong incentives for energy restructuring, with fiscal detraction up to 65% for all interventions aimed at improve the energy efficiency of homes.
In particular, the deductions will be applicable for types of intervention such as:

  • replacement of windows and doors
  • boiler replacement
  • endowment of solar, thermal and wind plants
  • insulation and improvement of the insulation of roofs and external walls
  • complete energy redevelopment

Improving the performance of a single building, as we have already mentioned, contributes to reducing theenvironmental impact and energy consumption from non-renewable sources. There energy restructuring allows us, therefore, not only to obtain one naturally cooler house during the summer (and even warmer during the winter!), but it contributes significantly to our well-being, our children and the entire planet.

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