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Today we clarify the new Revenue Agency's guide on short leases. Have you got a house to renovate and do you want to rent it later? Here is the fiscal discipline, the news for all the intermediaries and all the rules on the regime of dry cedola.

First of all, what is a short lease agreement?

The one intended for residential properties that has a limited duration (not exceeding 30 days) and that uses dry coupon. This short rental scheme also applies to:

  • subleases
  • Lease contracts for individual rooms in a home (very common in recent years) 

Short leases

: restructure and launch into a new business

Do you own an old house to renovate and are undecided about what to do? Perhaps you do not know, that in Italy the phenomenon of short rents is restarting part of the real estate market and giving life to a quantity of houses that have been vacant for years. Renting a home, or even a single room, for just a few days instead of months and years is now real business.

Obviously it must be done in the right way and above all you must have the good fortune to possess or a very large house. Or you must be an owner or an apartment located in a super strategic city.

short lease

You know that the income of an apartment with traditional rent in a city like Rome, Naples or Milan is only 4,6% gross. The potential to rent for short periods is different. The performances then go up even more, if you decide to use one of the rental portals that are popular on the net such as Airbnb. Millions of people around the world need this service and prefer it (for the price and comfort) to the usual hotel. 

When do you use dry coupon on rentals?

A short lease contract to take advantage of the flat rate tax regime must:

  1. Do not exceed 30 days of rent
  2. The stipulation date is not prior to 1 June 2017
  3. The two parties (the landlord and the homeowner) must be natural persons only. They stipulate the contract outside the exercise of a business activity.

Please note that this type of rental with lease not exceeding 30 days has no obligation to register. The subjects who they carry out real estate brokerage activities, with the new regulations, they must instead:

  • Always remember to communicate to the Revenue Agency the data of the short lease agreements for their through. That is: name, surname and tax code of the lessor, duration of the contract, address of the property, amount of the gross consideration
  • Withhold the 21% of the rent, if they also intervene in the payment or collect the fees.

For the omission, the incomplete or unfaithful transmission of data related to the contracts, sanctions are foreseen from 250 to 2.000 euro. Be careful.

Click here to download the Revenue Agency short rentals guide.
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