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Where you can find Restructuring Homes in Italy

Get in touch with us and we will give you advice on your Restructuring needs, with a personalized study.

Siamo presenti in tante città di Italia con vari uffici. La Lombardia è stata la prima regione nella quale abbiamo iniziato la nostra attività, precisamente a Milano nel 1998. Il successo è stato immediato e repentino, l’azienda si è espansa rapidamente per garantire un alto livello di ristrutturazione ed opere a un bacino di utenti sempre maggiore.

In Lombardy we are present in Bergamo, Pavia, Brescia, Mantua, Milan and province. You can ask our architects to do a Free Inspection , advice, get free estimates and without obligation to renovate your home or business.

In Piedmont we have the second headquarters in Turin and Vercelli. In Liguria in Genoa and Savona.

Case Restructuring is also operational in Veneto in Padua and with upcoming openings in Vicenza and Mestre. In Tuscany, on the other hand, we have two offices in Pisa and Florence that are booming and growing.

In the 2009 the offices of Tuscany have been opened: we are active in Florence, Pisa to offer our restructuring service to all Tuscan citizens.

From January 2019 Restructuring Case opens the third headquarters in Rome. We guarantee residential and commercial renovations in Rome and its province.

Come and discover all the restructuring solutions most suitable for you, request a free quote and without obligation to choose the most suitable restructuring: we are the leader in Italy.

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