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Among all the materials used in construction, and more generally in the home, the wood is what is universally recognized as the most pleasant and able to give one welcoming feeling: this, perhaps, also due to its immediate appeal to the wonders of nature and especially to the woods and the forest, places that reflect innate instincts in man.

Precisely because of its immediate aesthetic impact and its properties, which immediately make you "feel at home", we want to suggest you wood as a complement and as a fundamental material for the renovation of your home, giving you some tips and some tips to inspire you to decide how to integrate it into your home. 

Renovate house with wood

Use wood at home to realize new partition walls, a mezzanine, a veranda or for cover the walls or for redo the floor through laying a parquet: wood is not only pleasant but it is above all extremely versatile in use, because there are many opportunities it can satisfy.

The wood can therefore refining and enhancing some details, but also become a structural element of the house, such as using it for the roof or for a slab:

renovate house with wood

it does not necessarily imply an intervention that involves the building globally, because it will be possible to think the use of wood also in a single room function.


If you want to evaluate the best what to do, our Case Restructuring experts will help you to better plan yours

renovation of the house or of a single environment with the use of wood.

At every style its essence

Colors, veins, fragrances and the use for which it is intended: whatever type of wood you decide to use, you will need to consider its nuances and its natural properties, evaluating if it is the right choice for the specific use. Wood will repay you of the effort, giving the right warm and traditional tone to your living room or that touch of modern and trendy style to the other spaces of the house, such as the bathroom.

Furniture goodies

Finally, it should not be forgotten the role of wood in furniture and in the world of accessories, from shelves to furniture, from fixtures to frames: wood can also be transformed into the most surprising works of art, as has happened a Florence with those of the street artist Moradi il Sedicente.

Do you want some specific suggestions for your home for a renovation that also involves wood? Contact us to talk about it with one of our experts!

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