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Renew thehome decor in the summer makes it possible to make the home timeless and in step with the new trends of the moment. In fact, like every year, the home decor trends they are updated with new colors, new materials and new shapes.

Discover 2017 summer trends for the home: colors and furnishings to renovate your home

Also for the 2017, Pantone has established itself in the panorama of trends for home furnishings with its innovative and modern colors. The color of this year is undoubtedly the Greenery, a bright and lively green with subtle shades of yellow inside. This sparkling nuance becomes the protagonist of the house, coloring walls and textiles and giving life to energetic and relaxing environments, able to recall deep contact with nature. For those who want to do one partial renovation of the house in summer, the choice of the colors of the furnishings must fall on warm and cold shades, used in contrast.

Among the colors for home accessories in the summer stands out Flame, a warm and flaming red capable of giving character even to the most sober environments. Also this year there is no lack of neutral, elegant and timeless colors. Among these, one of the 2017 furnishing trends is theHazelnut, a refined and sophisticated light hazelnut, used mainly for seasonal furniture and textiles. Finally we find theblue, undisputed must-have of the summer months, reproposed in all its variants, from light blue to navy, up to electric blue.

2017 furnishing trends: which materials and shapes to choose

Le-trends-estate-2017-to-the-home-2Every year, in addition to renewing the colors, fashion also offers new trends for home furnishings in the field of materials and forms. If some time ago copper was in vogue in all its nuances, now it returns to dominate the metal dark, typical ofindustrial design. Its aseptic and sturdy surfaces become the protagonists of the modern kitchen, giving life to extremely functional and minimal furnishings, without giving up a touch of style that can be traced in the choice of sophisticated finishes and shades of color.

Those who prefer a more rustic and traditional style at home, must move towards natural and warm materials like the wood, wicker and terracotta, ideal for making rooms warm and familiar. Again, the fashion returns resins in all their finishes: smooth, opaque, material, mother-of-pearl, spatula and many others. Thanks to their versatility and resistance, resins can be used both in outdoor and at home furnishings, as eccentric coatings.

As for the shapes, instead, the classic rectangular and square tiles leave room for plank style, widely used in flooring and wall coverings during the partial renovation of the house. The geometry in the home furnishings in summer they appear clean and thin, based on functionality and a sober aesthetic.

The styles and trends for home furnishings in the summer

Among the trends of the moment we have theArt Déco with its floral prints and delicate patterns that add a touch of romance to the fabrics and home furnishings in the summer. This kind of pattern is perfect for the bedroom and in particular for nightwear, but also for curtains, cushions and upholstery. Among the other furnishing trends 2017 we also find the decorations a lines that recall marine environments and give liveliness and style to the home.

They are ideal for use in accessories and textiles in country chic environments, with a delicately retro taste. This year's trendy design focuses on the past, rediscovering the typical furnishings of the seventies and revisiting them in a contemporary key. The vintage furniture is enriched with decorations and geometric patterns, creating a unique mix of retro and modern trends. Furthermore, decors are back in fashion black and white, perfectly in line with the minimal and essential modern style.

Even the style northern country is among the most popular furniture lines this year. In the living room, the Nordic design is expressed through light wood furnishings, with linear and essential geometries. The sobriety of the surfaces is enhanced by furnishing accessories and fabrics in pastel shades that make the country style more fresh and contemporary.

Who instead has stays in dark wood but doesn't want to give up one partial renovation of the house, can combine wood and neutral colored textiles, such as light blue, white and sand. In this way, by mixing traditional and contemporary elements, it will be possible to make the design of one's home closer to that of Scandinavian homes.

Le-trends-estate-2017-to-the-home-3In modern design, the use of decorative accessories is essential to personalize minimal environments and give them warmth and familiarity. THE'contemporary art stands out among the home furnishing trends of the 2017. It is possible to find it in prints and paintings, but also in sculptures and objects of various kinds, designed to enrich domestic spaces with style.

Finally, this summer too is reaffirmed Tropical style. However, if once the prints were eccentric and gaudy, now the tropical patterns appear more mature and colorful, based on a more contemporary color palette that mixes multiple shades of green with pastel shades of pink, blue and yellow.

Bedroom furniture: the return of the upholstered headboard and the latest trends

The summer home decor is also renewed in bedroom. If wrought iron and poor art beds were in fashion a few years ago, this year's trend favors the padded headboard. Opulent and sophisticated, it will give your bedroom a luxurious and glam touch. On the market, you can find many different models of headboards.

The most common types are: smooth neutral, quilted with buttons, in fabric, velvet and leather. 2017 furnishing trends aim to make the home a relaxing and comfortable place, away from the frenzy of contemporary society. For this reason, the bedrooms are comfortable sofas and armchairs, to make the daytime rest also welcoming. Carpets and cushionsinstead, they are used to give character and color to the environment. Bright colors are combined with neutral shades to create elegant contrasts.

Home renovation: incentives and benefits

Redesigning the spaces and the atmosphere of your home, using furnishing styles in step with the times, is the best solution to make the property always welcoming and contemporary. Renovate home with incentives Government can be advantageous and convenient as it allows you to modernize your home while saving money. This is a good choice especially if you intend to resell the property at a high price.

In fact, the partial renovation of the house it can increase its overall value and make it an interesting investment for buyers. Thanks to 2017 Furniture Bonus, it is possible to get tax deductions up to 50% of the expenditure incurred for the purchase of furnishings and large energy-saving appliances, up to a maximum of 10.000 euros spent.

This limit can be increased up to 16.000 euro if the bonus is requested by a young couple who recently bought their first home. Therefore, renovating a house with incentives allows you to renovate your home in the summer, paying for your expenses and meeting everyone's needs.

For get government incentives and the deductions it is necessary to provide all the relevant documentation and the receipts for the purchase of furniture and appliances at the time of compilation of the annual tax return.

The 2017 mobile bonus can be requested by all taxpayers residing in Italy or abroad, if they are also subject to personal income tax or are owners of companies with income subject to Ires taxation. Finally, in addition to the property owner, tax deductions for the partial renovation of the house can also be requested by the spouse and relatives within the third degree of kinship. Incentives can be requested for all furniture items purchased between June 2013 and December 2017.

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