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With the term solar panels both i solar panels both i photovoltaic panels. In both cases, the energy from the sun is exploited which will then be converted into heat o electric energy.
Installing these panels in a home allows you to save energy thus reducing your bill costs. In addition, you can take advantage of specifications deductions tax for these devices that favor their diffusion.

Solar thermal panels and photovoltaic panels

I solar panels serve for heat the sanitary water without the use of electricity or gas. These technologies are easily adaptable to any surface and can be installed in many environments including terraces, roofs, balconies and gardens.

I photovoltaic panels, on the other hand, have the production of electric energy. A single panel consists of modules that are given by the union of photovoltaic cells of semi-conductor material.

Thermal solar panels are therefore very different from photovoltaic panels, however, aintegration of the two plants will meet the energy needs of a home.

Deductions for thermal solar panels

Based on Budget Law 2019 the tax deductions for energy redevelopment interventions were continued until 31 December 2019. The benefit specifically concerns both deductions from personal income tax (Personal income tax) both IRES (Corporate income tax). Those who have carried out interventions on their property to increase their energy efficiency can benefit from this bonus, including the installation of thermal solar panels.

To request the subsidy, they must be sent within 90 days from the end of the work to theAeneas the information contained in the energy performance certificate and the information sheet on the interventions carried out electronically.

Deduction measurements for solar thermal panels

The extent of the deduction varies according to the period in which the works were carried out and according to the type of real estate.
In particular the deductions divided into 10 rates annual amounts to:
- 55% for expenses incurred from 1 January 2007 to 5 June 2013;
- 65% for the expenses incurred from 6 June 2013 to December 2019 for the single housing units.
Il maximum value of the deduction is equal to 60.000 €.

As regards the condos there are surcharges. The deduction, divided into 10 rate annual for the same amount, is paid according to the following measures:
- 70% if the interventions concern thebuilding envelope with an incidence greater than 25% of the gross surface of the same;
- 75% when the works are suitable for improve energy performance building.

Deductions for photovoltaic panels

Everyone who installed a photovoltaic system during 2019 up to the maximum spending limit of 96 thousand euros can take advantage of tax deductions at 50%. THE'facilitation concerns both single housing units both common parts of the condominium buildings and is part of the interventions of building renovation. The deduction is divided into 10 annual installments. In addition, VAT is reduced to 10% for photovoltaic systems.

How to request the facilities for photovoltaic panels

To request the deductions must be indicated in the tax return the cadastral data of the property and, if the works are carried out by the person who owns the structure, the registration details of the deed that constitutes its title and the other data required for checking the deduction must be indicated. In addition, they must be sent to theAeneas some data on the nature of the interventions carried out. This information is useful for monitoring and evaluating the energy saving of the property. If the taxpayer has not benefited from the concession in one or more years in the subsequent tax periods, although he is entitled to it, he can then request the deduction, simply by indicating the corresponding installment number in the return.

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