The Revenue Agency defines the guidelines for obtaining the tax benefits dedicated to the restructuring of the business premises. In this article there is a summary of the legislation in the event that the room is built on a residential property used for mixed use, is located in an apartment building or is in an earthquake zone.

Renovations of commercial premises built on residential properties

When the renovations are carried out on residential properties used for the purpose of carrying out a commercial, art or professional activity, the deduction is due to the reduced extent of the 50% for a maximum expenditure of 96.000 euros up to December 31.

These are essentially properties with multiple uses. The deduction is broken down into 10 annual fees for the same amount. To request tax breaks for the renovation of commercial premises, the cadastral data of the property must be indicated in the tax return. In addition, payments must be made by bank or postal transfer also online.


tax breaks for the renovation of commercial premises


Commercial premises in an apartment building

If i business premises were part of a condominium building the following tax breaks are provided for interventions on the common parts:

- deductions of 50% for expenses incurred with bank transfers made by the condominium administrator from June 26, 2012 to December 31, 2019 for a maximum limit of 96 thousand euros.

- deductions of 36% for all expenses up to a limit of 48 thousand euros paid from 1 January 2020.

The common parts are, for example, the foundations, the main walls, the pillars, the supporting beams, the roof and the stairs.

Restructuring of commercial premises in an earthquake zone

Il bonus earthquake it concerns interventions carried out on all residential buildings and on those used for production activities.

The latter category includes real estate units in which agricultural, professional, production of goods and services, commercial or non-commercial activities take place.

For works to adopt anti-seismic measures, whose authorization procedures have been activated since 1 January 2017, there is a deduction of the 50% for a total amount of 96.000 € broken down into 5 odds annual for the same amount.

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