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The choice of tents is always a diatribe when it comes to the end of the

renovation work in a kitchen.

In this case, the curtains will be called upon not only to decorate but to protect the quality of the food and appliances from the light. Let's see how to best choose the furnishing accessories and materials for our kitchen.

We must keep in mind that the choice of fabric it is essential because curtains are also important for repairing food from direct light. In the kitchen there are appliances such as refrigerators, robots, microwaves and dishwashers that could be damaged if exposed to heat.

Here are some rules to make no mistake when choosing curtains.

  1. Roman blinds: before looking for the right fabric, think about how the glass is positioned. If you have the worktop nearby, we recommend the Roman blind because the most stable and therefore difficult to come into contact with the stove.
  2. If you are lucky enough to have a window away from the focal points of the kitchen, you can think of a stick curtain. There are some courtyards but you can also pick them up to full height if the window allows.
  3. Pay attention to the choice of fabric. You will have to choose the fabric from its weight. Before going crazy among endless decorations and colors, we need to evaluate the thickness we need for our needs. Is our kitchen very bright? Is sun exposure intense? Then choose a semi-darkening fabric. In other words, use those fabrics that are used in the bedroom and that are often found in hotels. How many of you have a cupboard with food in the sun without thinking about the rise in temperature?
  4. Keeping the temperature constant is important in the kitchen because food and many appliances are affected by cold-hot alternation. Install the equipment so curtains in a fabric that is insulating (ie insulating) do not be afraid and ask the supplier. Linen is an excellent natural material that can absorb a lot of moisture and is very refined in the kitchen. Another thing you will need to ask the dealer is a fireproof fabric (fire resistant). So to position it or not near the fires.

Once we have identified all the technical features we can dedicate ourselves to pure aesthetics! If you choose light colors, mind you that there are on the market today many water repellent fabrics and therefore more resistant to stains. We can therefore also grant ourselves immaculate whites!

Perfect style for every style of kitchen!

The style of our kitchen tells something about us and must be enhanced by the curtains we choose.

  • The curtains for the modern kitchen. Whether it's technological, minimal, chic, certainly the best curtains are those applied on glass: packet or panel. Ikea has made it a must. If the kitchen is in total white, dare with contrasting prints in a modern design. In Italy it has become widespread in recent times Scandinavian style: an essential order, yes, but far from cold.
  • Curtains for the classic kitchen. If your kitchen is a warm, slightly rustic room with wooden furniture, it is better to choose a tent with few frills. Use the dimmed curtain, the glass curtain or on brass sticks.
  • Curtains for the country-chic kitchen. If you are the owner of a kitchen with Provencal flavors for curtains on French models. Yes to cotton and linen with delicate floral elements or small squares.

And you hai

refurbished your kitchen?

What tents did you choose? Were you able to combine functional and aesthetic needs? Share your tips and experiences with us.

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