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If we talk about the possibility of having a home gym it is likely that we immediately think of a large, luxurious and comfortable home, in short, the classic house "of dreams". Realizing a home gym, in reality, is not a privilege for the few: anyone can build a comfortable and functional gym in their own home, even where it is a very common apartment.

In the world of fitness, on the other hand, progress has been made in recent times, thanks to the introduction of new tools, new accessories, and even very light and space-saving machinery, perhaps even conveniently closed. Turning to a company that specializes in renovation services, the company will certainly be able to design and build a functional gym even in a small-sized room.

The costs of a home gym

Making a fitness area at home certainly has a lower cost than the renovation of a complete apartment, and it could not be otherwise, since in this case we intervene only on one room, or on a small part of the building. In light of this it is a good practice to request the company how much it costs to restructure to the mq, so as to immediately have a rough idea of ​​the expense to be sustained.

gymIt is a much more precise datum, obviously, the official estimate that is provided by the company: in a custom project, moreover, the technical variations to be considered are numerous, and in light of the same the company will certainly be able to specify in detail the expenditure required for the desired renovation.

It is useful to remember that even if you want to work only on a part of the house it is absolutely possible to use the tax deductions for restructuring currently in force: when an estimate is requested, therefore, this aspect must be carefully considered, given that the state incentives are very substantial.

Relying on restructuring professionals, it is therefore possible to have a functional gym in your home that allows you to perform the most disparate exercises, and the costs of a restructuring like this are not prohibitive at all, also considering the already mentioned tax incentives which, it is useful to remember, they will be valid for all 2017.

Find out how you can get your home gym in just a few square meters

First of all, as previously mentioned, it is not necessary to have large spaces: even in a few square meters you can set up a gym area complete with everything you need, so even the simple room of an apartment can be fine. To organize a gym "at home" it is first necessary to provide for the presence of the main tools, those essential so that the most common fitness exercises can be performed in this space.

If you have a substantial space available, you can safely provide for different tools, but if the available floor space is small, you should not be afraid that your gym is not very functional. Absolutely perfect machines for home gyms, very popular even in fitness centers, are the so-called "fitness stations", also known as "multi-purpose stations".

These tools, despite having a size almost similar to that of a common tool, offer the possibility of carrying out several different exercises in the same position. The multi-purpose stations, in essence, incorporate more tools into a single model, and one can well imagine that great space savings can come from such a choice.

The tools

The multi-purpose stations are designed so that the execution of each exercise is impeccable, just as if you were performing the movement using a classic tool in a spacious gym. With these particular tools you can train several muscles on the same station: the dorsal, pectoral, quadriceps and triceps, just to give some examples.

Who is a fitness expert knows that to be well trained it is useful to alternate the use of machines with dumbbells and barbells, so in a home gym these fitness items should never be missing. To be able to perform many different exercises using barbells, it is a good suggestion to provide a tilting bench inside your home gym: this tool, although very simple and not at all bulky, allows you to perform endless exercises, such as for example those for the shoulders, for the biceps, for the backbones.

A multi-purpose station and a reclining bench can actually form a "concentrated" gym in a few square meters, without forgetting that there are several reclining benches on the market that can be closed while they are not used, further optimizing the spaces.

Many fitness exercises dedicated to any muscle group can also be performed using only dumbbells and barbells, without having to use a bench, and this makes the range of exercises that can be performed in a home gym even more varied. In light of this, it is useful to provide supports on which to store in an orderly manner all the tools useful for making movement.

Learn-as-you-get-your-gym-in-houseIt is useful to remember, from this point of view, that in recent times the world of fitness has been enriched with many modern and functional accessories that are very well suited to the needs of a home workout: not only dumbbells and barbells, therefore, but also kettlebells, medicine balls and power bags.

If you want to combine the classic exercises also with aerobic activity, it can be a good idea to buy a treadmill: many people have this very useful tool in their home, and the best treadmills combine excellent technological dimensions with a very minimal footprint. Many treadmills, moreover, are reclosable, so to further reduce their bulk it is possible to open them only when you want to use them.

Once the point has been made of what are the useful tools for setting up a functional and complete home gym, let's see what are other purely structural aspects that should be considered, starting with the flooring.

The flooring and the furnishings

Regarding the flooring of a home gym, there are no particular suggestions to provide: from an aesthetic point of view it can be a good idea to have parquet or laminate surfaces, in the same way there are various specific plastic or rubber flooring for the spaces dedicated to fitness, cheap and simple to apply. Among these are increasingly chosen those made up of so-called "puzzles", or a series of elements that can compose an entire floor simply by interlocking them with one another, just like the classic puzzles.

In a good gym you should never miss a mirror, indeed you can say without hesitation that the larger the surfaces covered with mirrors, the more you will be able to create a "sports" context. In the gyms the mirrors are very useful both because they allow those who train to verify the correctness of the movements they are performing, and because they are considered an excellent "motivator", a useful incentive to concentrate on training.

Parallel to these technical aspects, it should not be overlooked that mirrors are always very attractive from an aesthetic point of view, and in restructuring interventions the design is certainly not a secondary factor. It is an excellent solution to provide one or more TVs in your home gym, and their location should not be the result of chance.

It can be an excellent solution, for example, to place a large screen in front of the treadmill, since aerobic workouts usually last for many minutes and allow the sportsman to be slightly distracted without the quality of the training. affected.

Those specified, of course, are only general indications, useful above all to those who are not sure what kind of exercises can be carried out at home: a restructuring project of this type, in fact, can be personalized and pleasing, and decorations can be envisaged and details that make this environment perfectly consistent with your aesthetic and functional preferences.

To build a home gym, and the advice is to rely on a company that knows how to perform with quality and professionalism restructuring of all kinds, therefore a company that could successfully deal with even one complete home renovation. Relying on restructuring professionals, they will confront the client with great meticulousness in order to create a tailor-made fitness area.

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