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Restructuring and furnishing a studio apartment often frightens us: reduced spaces, absent privacy and an environment that offers few solutions. Instead, there are small and large steps you can take to turn an anonymous studio into a unique and original space.

The revenge of the studio, a thousand ideas and space-saving tips to optimize the environment

The most obvious problem is, of course, sometimes very limited spaces. Needless to panic, the solution is to take advantage of every little corner.

Restructuring a studio apartment means investing and optimizing a non-functional space.

What solutions? First of all it is recommended to occupy any empty space with drawers, bookcases, wardrobes and other accessories that can be useful and give character to the environment. Even the smallest and narrowest corner can hold great surprises. Another good tip is to play with spaces in vertical direction. So if you have a full-height studio apartment, an idea could be to create a sort of sleeping area or storage room by building a mezzanine. The renovation costs are costs per square meter to always evaluate with yours reference architect.


Always remaining in the sleeping area a valid ally is the container bed, nowadays more and more requested, which allows to have a second wardrobe under the bed. If the measures do not allow it, the best solution is to use foldaway beds that turn into wardrobes or even sofa beds, which are also useful for furnishing. For the most inexperienced, but it is always good to remember it, it is important to avoid furnishings that are out of proportion with the actual spaces of the house. To banish oversized accessories: long tables, kingsize beds.

To furnish it is possible to create with real shelves libraries that take advantage of the entire wall up to the ceiling. In case you want to give more space to the environment it is better to put the shelves only in the upper part of the wall. The spaces to consider are different: the entrance of the house, in the passage to the kitchen or near the bathroom door. A current trend that is having great success in the restructuring and is valid even in small spaces are the suspended furniture: kitchen, bathroom fixtures, furnishing accessories, all suspended. When will you evaluate the bathroom renovation also consider the evaluation of these solutions for your furniture.

Colors, materials and lights

One factor that should not be underestimated is theuse of colors. If we are faced with limited spaces, as in the case of the studio apartment, it is important to resort to pastel colours. In particular, white is onestudio-space-house of colors that gives the environment freshness, volume and brightness. Warm colors in an environment that is small in itself compromise the environment by making it look even more cramped.

If you want to give even more volume and breadth, don't forget a mirror or a mirror glass window they can make a difference to make your home more spacious than it is. Even in furnishing accessories, using glass is a winning move. A glass coffee table near the sofa, for example, not only furnishes with taste, but lightens your living area. Good lighting is another essential element to give your home space. In small rooms they are recommended hanging lamps that do not take away more space. If the house has poor lighting you can think of adding some floor lamps.

To transmit brightness to your home it is also good to use fabrics and curtains in the right way. The choices must fall on light fabrics and fresh that do not weigh down the space. So the colors, lively, but at the same time clear so as to let the light of day pass. Soft colors that make the spaces more open, light and fresh materials to always have natural light and functional furnishings: these are the winning cards to furnish a studio with taste, functionality and a touch of refinement.

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