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The renovation of an apartment allows you to confer one new look to the premises, taking into account the personal tastes of the people who live there but without neglecting fundamental aspects such as comfort, functionality and space optimization.

We at Case Restructuring take care of every detail to give you the best. Renew an apartment is a real investment that can bring significant benefits even in the event of a future resale, such as an increase in the economic value of the property.

Renovate apartments in Turin

Torino is a city with a two-thousand-year history full of UNESCO-protected areas and buildings. And the fourth Italian municipality by population and the third largest economic-productive complex in the country. For the Bel Paese, it represents one of the major university, artistic, tourist, scientific and cultural centers.
If you have an apartment in Turin and intend to renovate it, we have excellent news for you: our second headquarters is located right in the city of Mole.

If your property is located in the historic center, the renovation works must comply with the context as required by the Regulatory Plan made available by the Municipality of Turin.
Specifically, it is appropriate to distinguish between ordinary maintenance work and extraordinary maintenance.

With the expression ordinary maintenance it indicates a set of interventions aimed at favoring the status quo of the property. This category includes, for example, repairs or replacement of finishes or bathroom fixtures. No permit is required to carry out these works.

With the expression Extraordinary maintenance, instead, we mean those interventions that improve the functionality of the building. In this case, the documentation relating to the interventions must be presented to the private construction office of the municipality. But don't worry: we at Case Restructuring also take care of the bureaucratic aspect by relieving the customer of any task.

Renovation of Turin apartments

The Case Renovation method

Following a free inspection of the apartment, we proceed with the first realization of the project and the stipulation of the estimate. All the previous phases are free and absolutely without obligation. When the client accepts the quote, we start the work and the customer has the opportunity to monitor the evolution of the renovations by means of aApp, accessible from any device.

In addition, we provide the customer with a three-dimensional project with meticulous technical details to get a complete view of the restructuring.
We are very careful to respect the deadlines. To obtain the maximum result, we assign a single architect to the client who will follow each phase of the project.

The services also include the administrative aspect of the works furniture disassembly, the relative transport and storage.

Renovations of Turin apartments carried out by us

If you want more information you can view one of the renovations carried out in Turin by visiting our portfolio. The works concern the whole apartment, from the renovation of the kitchen, to the shaving of the balcony, to the decoration of the bathroom walls, up to the installation of new electrical and water systems.
As usual, the customer interfaced with a single architect who supervised the realization of the project from start to finish.

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