Animated simulation of a restructuring
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Uncertainties, hesitations fears, are emotions that accompany the customer before making the renovation. How can you be sure that the renovation of your home reflects our expectations? One of the questions we asked ourselves over time was: how can we give the customer certainty that the colors, the home design, the type of flooring, the painting of the walls are really tasteful for the client when the work is done?

How can you be sure that the restructuring will reflect your expectations?

It is one thing to have a vague idea of ​​how it could turn into our home after renovation. It is quite another thing to have the certainty that the renovation reflects exactly what we want. Our team of Architects after a hard work came to a solution: to create a 3D virtual renovation project. The customer chooses the model of the bathroom fixtures, floors, the various colors, decides which walls to knock down and at that point the team sets to work to create a video simulation of the finished renovation. This allows the customer to make careful choices and decide if the renovation recreates the desired environment. In addition to the fact that you are certain that the price does not rise due to a change of project during construction.

From here you can see a video simulation of the house project of one of our clients. The floors, coverings, the color of the walls, the plasterboard works were chosen by the customer in our showrooms. The furniture, on the other hand, was the one present in the customer's home and was inserted in the context of the new renovation. The result is stunningWatch the virtual simulation

How does it work? One of our architects carries out a (free) inspection of your home so as to take note of all the work you want to carry out, the type of floors / walls, doors, bathroom fixtures and the preferred colors inside the building. Furthermore, if you intend to reuse the current furniture, you will send us the photos of the furniture and we will relocate them within the simulation. This service is completely free.

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