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Choosing Case Restructuring is synonymous with certainty of the result. Our turnkey service is the security of a leading company in the sector in Italy.
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The inspection by the architect

Restructuring always starts with a careful free inspection by the architect, so that he can find all the information he needs, such as the various measures, and can begin to develop an ad hoc structured intervention strategy. Once the inspection is complete, the architect immediately sets to work.

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Project presentation

In the space of just 5 days provides the customer with a project of the property. In this phase, however, the project is to be understood as purely indicative.
In order to make the illustration even clearer, the architect is a complete will realize one 3D render simulation: in this video all the information that may concern the customer are specified in detail, from the types of materials used up to the color tones of the various paints.

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Presentation of the quote

Together with the project, the architect also provides the client with a quote relating to the work to be performed: you will have a extremely clear picture of the expenditure that you will have to bear, without any hidden costs.
We absolutely avoid the possibility that one of our customers may find themselves having to incur additional expenses other than those regularly specified in the estimate: for our company,honesty and transparency they are cornerstones that cannot be ignored at all.
Our estimates, it is useful to emphasize, are always free and without obligation.

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Agreements on starting the works and signing the contract

If the customer considers the project presented positively, as well as the proposed estimate, a meeting is set up at our offices to discuss all the technical and operational details in peace.
In this phase, the start date of the renovation and the start of the works is formalized through the contract signature.

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Demolition of the elements to be eliminated and selection of products and materials at the showroom

On a purely operational level, the works begin with the demolition of all the elements destined to be excluded from the new construction, in this phase also we accompany the customer inside the showrooms so that he can personally choose, touching with his hand, the doors, the sanitary fittings, the coverings, the floors and anything else that will distinguish the renovated property.

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Stay up to date with our App

During our long experience we have perfected an approach thanks to which the customer can be constantly informed of the continuation of the work without having to bother: in fact we provide aDedicated app thanks to which the progress of the work can be checked online with a simple click.
The customer, of course, is sAlways welcome at the construction siteOn the contrary, he is invited periodically, on the basis of his commitments, to view the progress of the restructuring on site so that he can personally verify the consistency of the work with the project presented.

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Complete interventions both at technical and administrative level

Our achievements are absolutely keys in hand, consequently when the renovation work is completed, the client can immediately start using his property.
We also take care of the various bureaucratic procedures in detail, thus relieving our client of any task.
Once the construction is complete, we supply the various ones certificates of conformity relating to the property, as well as the 5-year guarantee on the renovation carried out.


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