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Thermally insulate the house for the summer

Thermally insulate own home means carry out a series of interventions for keep the internal temperature pleasant all the year. Spring is the perfect season to start work as the cold is not so pungent and the heat is still waiting. Play in advance following our advice, so as not to suffer the summer heat!

thermally insulate

How to thermally insulate the house for the summer

Different solutions can be used to thermally insulate a house.
For example, panels can be applied externally or internally to the walls.
In the first case, we will talk about external insulation and in the second case of internal insulation.
THEexternal insulation it is often practicable unless specific constraints prevent it. Furthermore, this intervention does not reduce the volume of the interior spaces.
THEinternal insulation it is preferable when you go to isolate an apartment in a condominium or when it is not possible to intervene from the outside. However, this technique has less time and costs than external insulation.

Another way to thermally insulate a house for the summer is through insufflation. Insufflating means filling the cavity of the walls with a foam of insulating material. This intervention is carried out without causing trouble to the tenants and minimizing the formation of dust.

Finally, to guarantee excellent thermal comfort, a solution can be theroof insulation. In this case panels of insulating material will be installed and then the spaces between them will be filled with foam.

Advantages of thermal insulation

Insulating your home for the summer ensures the following advantages:

- Cost reduction of bills for the cooling of the rooms. Taxes will be reduced because you will use less energy accordingly! By limiting or avoiding the use of air conditioners it will be possible to avoid the famous air blows.

- Mold appearance prevention. The birth and proliferation of this fungus is due to thermal bridges, insufficient ventilation and in general to an accumulation of humidity. By thermally isolating your home it is possible, therefore, to improve the healthiness of the rooms.

- Moisture reduction. Humid air is present above all in the apartments on the first floor or on the thermal floor. In this case we speak of rising damp. The rooms most affected by the phenomenon are the kitchen and the bathroom for the hot air stagnation.

- Increase in the value of the property. A thermally insulated house belongs to a high energy class and for this reason it acquires greater value on the market. If you plan to sell your home in the future, thermally insulating it is definitely an investment. You can place it at a higher price.

Some tips to avoid wasting energy

To further limit the dispersion of thermal energy in your rooms, these little tricks can be useful:

1) Open the windows only if necessary. Opening windows is a great way to ventilate the rooms. However, doing it over a long period, especially when the outside temperature differs significantly from the internal one, means wasting energy unnecessarily.

2) Limit the use of electricity. Turning on electrical equipment requires the use of electricity that is converted into heat. So without realizing it, we are increasing dispersion.

3) Replace the fixtures fixtures and the obsolete windows. In this way the energy performance of the building will increase. Moreover, it is possible to take advantage of the tax benefits for building renovations.

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