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Soundproofing a house means limiting the diffusion of sound. The noise from traffic, annoying neighbors and construction sites in progress are just some examples of noise pollution.

The interventions vary by goal: absorb noise in closed rooms or isolate noise from outside. Furthermore, before starting the work, we will check which areas have a strong sound dispersion in order to do our best.


Sound absorbing and sound insulating materials

I sound absorbing materials are characterized by the ability to absorb sound waves within a closed environment reducing the rumble or the echo. Sound absorbing panels can be classified into natural, vegetable and synthetic. Among the most common we find rock wool and glass wool.

I soundproofing materials they are able to isolate the sounds coming from the outside preventing them from spreading inside the domestic environments. These panels are used to guarantee the acoustic insulation of external noises. Examples of soundproofing materials are gypsum, cotton fiber and mineral fibers combined with specific resins.

Finally, the plasterboard, together with other materials, it allows to obtain a good soundproofing level.

How to act for sound insulation

Let's see in detail how to acoustically insulate a house by intervening on the walls, floors and windows.

  • Walls. In this case the best solution is to apply panels externally. If it is not possible, we will act from the inside with special thicknesses. The choice of the slabs is a fundamental step since the material will have to breathe the walls avoiding the formation of mold and humidity. Furthermore, for design lovers we recommend choosing panels with the most glamorous patterns that give an original touch to the rooms.
  • Floors. To overcome the noise of the footsteps of the neighbors it is possible to resort to the technique of floating floors characterized by the presence of resilient material such as rubber or cork between the floor and the floor support slab. Another way to acoustically isolate rooms could be to cover the floor with carpet. These measures can also be followed in the case of apartments located above commercial establishments.
  • Joinery. As in the case ofthermal insulation, also to reduce noise pollution, it is necessary to intervene on the windows using double glasses for windows and balcony doors. Furthermore, we advise you to equip your windows with sheaths to seal the closure, preventing noises coming from outside. To perform this function you can use insulated blinds.

Acoustic insulation of systems

Plants often contribute to generating noise by impacting on living comfort of tenants. To reduce noise pollution we can go to apply some measures in the project. One solution may be the use of piping massive and reinforced without elbows at 90 ° and covered with heavy materials.

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