Restructuring a home is a very stimulating and at the same time complicated operation because it requires a lot of mental, physical and economic energies. A perfect home renovation is equivalent to a perfect initial design: this is the only way to avoid mistakes.

Today we talk about the main factors to choose the

building renovation company

building company of your home.

To whom to trust to make your future welcoming?

Home renovation: where to start?

The starting point for making a good renovation project is to write down in black and white the budget you have for construction work. Only on the basis of it will you be able to make decisions about the real work to be done. Don't be afraid to spend too much. Remember that the money spent on the renovation of your home is without doubt the best investment. Whether because your well restored property will multiply its value of the market both because you will improve your quality of life if you intend to live there.

Choosing the professional to whom you entrust your dreams is not a trivial matter. Not all companies behave as we do House renovation. Our architects take care of the building renovation at 360 degrees. Often the expert on duty does not accompany the customer in all phases of execution: the design, the bureaucracy for restructuring tax reductions, the request for municipal permits, the finalization of the design phase.

The choice of the professional to renovate a home:

The second part of your job as the owner of the property will therefore be to rely on professionals who are experts in the sector. If this statement may seem a banality in reality, we know that it is of vital importance given that there are many improvised and unskilled workers around. A great way to understand who you are dealing with is read reviews (real!) who boast satisfied customers.

Then ask about view the architect's portfolio in question. You will understand if he is good at choosing workers and if his style is suitable for you.

Another way to assess the quality of the company and the professional is the first personal interview. If you asked an online quote, generally the process is that of make an inspection to evaluate spaces. On this occasion, a good architect will be able to guide you on the work to be done and will propose suggestions. You will notice from the way he asks the questions whether he is able to make a roughly exact estimate of the expenses. Don't be afraid to ask as many questions as possible! You will also have to try to evaluate the professional's preparation, after all you are entrusting him with your savings.

Case Restructuring Tips:

  1. Choose the architect also to have intellectual support. It must be able to grasp and interpret your real needs. His proposals must be feasible and consistent.
  2. Don't skimp on economic choices. Remember that the value of a building renovation is measured over time. What good is a nice designer bathroom if the pipes lose after a year? We advise you to be wary of too cheap costs because, based on our many years of experience, we have often noticed that we are going to save on materials and make the plants compliant.
  3. Spending a little more time to choose the right company will earn you some money after starting work. You will have less hitches in the implementation of the restructuring building and everything will be done as you asked!

Trust only those who expose you (like us) to a project and a contract with attention to the smallest details: you will have to obtain a regular tender document and a reciprocal exchange with the

construction company


Remember that the more you plan, the more you reduce the time and costs.

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If you have confused ideas about renovating your home, ask us for a quote and a free inspection and you will meet our best architect.

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