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Whitewashing the house is an operation to be carried out when the need arises. The reasons could be multiple and do not concern only the need to refresh the walls or to eliminate traces of humidity, condensation and mold. The whitening can also be determined by one complete renovation of the house. Fashion changes and trends in the interior design sector evolve, proposing new types of painting that renovate homes without necessarily spending considerable amounts. For example, some brands have created innovative paints that can be matched with types of furniture that have returned in vogue in recent years, such as the Industrial style or Shabby Chic, sought after by young couples and by lovers of sophisticated proposals. The colors adapt to furnishing accessories becoming one with each style.

Painting your home means starting a real job that requires experience. Most of the time it is done without the help of professionals. On the internet it is easy to find tutorials that teach you how to refresh your home without calling a painter and, although it seems easy to do, in reality it is difficult and expensive. Inexperience could involve the choice of materials unsuitable for the type of wall you want to repaint or the possibility of making a mistake to treat a wall affected by mold. In addition, some painting techniques require experience and mastery. Think of the Venetian stucco, the buffered technique or the creation of perfect stencils. The final result, if the work is done in person, could be an eyesore, forcing a professional to be called to remedy the damage caused. And in that case the expense would double.

You can consult a magazine dedicated to furnishings, or visit some internet site to get an idea of ​​what the project to be carried out in your own home. But keep in mind one thing: everything that is proposed in the form of photos is nothing more than an archetype, a suggestion to be taken into consideration and not to be imitated. The photos can be retouched, or the images built in 3D, while the furnishings almost certainly will not correspond to those possessed, possibly out of touch with the type of painting to be made. For this reason, the support of a professional who knows how to harmonize everything in each environment will be essential for whitewashing.

You will need to contact a architect who, with his advice, will be able to indicate a series of useful elements to transform home environments into chic and elegant rooms. For example, the type of paint to buy for a kitchen should not only prevent condensation. Or the one for a room facing north will not have to preserve it from the humidity that would also damage the pillars of the building. In fact, anti-condensation, anti-mold, heat-insulating, breathable, washable and anti-humidity paints exist, which, in addition to being functional, have the characteristic of creating aesthetically beautiful walls.

whitening-house-like-choose-colorsAn architect, an expert in interior design and home decor, will identify the right technique to enhance even the interiors. This is the case of newly built apartments, designed in one-room apartments or obtained from attics transformed into the attic. These are small spaces, with reduced rooms, which might seem large if special techniques capable of conferring specific optical effects were adopted. For example, a painting with a striped effect extends or raises the walls, depending on whether the lines are painted horizontally or vertically. Venetian stucco, which has the characteristic of looking like marble, embellishes a wall without using paintings and furnishings.

The trendy colors change from year to year and if at one time it was easier to choose the pastel shades of beige, cream or champagne, today we opt for new tones such as sugar paper, ecru, wisteria, blue or green to give freshness and liveliness. The chalkboard effect paints are suitable for children's bedrooms or kitchens, since they allow you to draw and pin anything. While those with a concrete effect are recommended for decorating bathrooms if you decide not to cover them with classic tiles. For a bedroom it is preferable to have a bright but sober tone that naturally illuminates the environment. And for the living room the color will be combined with the style chosen for the furniture: light tones for poor art furniture, dark shades in the case of living rooms with simple and modern lines.

It is possible to calculate the painting costs even before asking for a quote or to contact a painter who does the work. In order to establish an approximate price per square meter you will need to have clear ideas about what you want to achieve inside your home. It is one thing to ask for a simple coat of paint, to be applied to the existing painting. Another matter will be to ask for the correspondence of the walls to make the new paint adhere to the best. In fact, it may happen that a wall has more coats of paint, is dirty or needs filler to be leveled and smoothed. A wall hit by mold will be sanded and treated with products specifically designed to eliminate all traces of moisture.

Whitewashing the house, how to choose the best techniques and colors in all types of homes

Il cost per sq.m. it also varies according to the type of technique you want to adopt for the walls of a room. Venetian plaster has a much higher cost than a wood-effect paint, and the price is influenced above all by the painter's ability to know how to achieve the marble effect. Furthermore, if you want to paint differently every room in your home, you will have to weigh up every type of painting to use in each room. For a kitchen or a bathroom a simple varnish would be enough, unlike a dining room or a bedroom that can be enriched with special stuccos.

To whiten the house it is possible to contact a specialized company or ask for the support of a freelancer who works according to the number of days used. Each of them will draw up a quote or offer useful information on the products and costs to be incurred. It is good practice to establish in advance the time taken for painting, as well as to foresee any contingencies that would lengthen the work.

Generally the budget includes the cost of labor and, in many cases, that of materials. It is not just a question of paints and specific products, but rather the use of brushes, the roller of any Greek to be glued or recreated on the wall, and the use of stairs and work clothes. There is talk of negligible figures, which in any case affect the final budget. Also in this case you will have to decide whether to choose the materials supplied by the company or to buy the paint buckets at a trusted retailer.

whitening-house-color-whiteIf you are not sure of the good faith of the professional, an excellent advice would be to inform yourself, even online, of the price of each individual can of paint by comparing the various products offered by different brands. In addition to painting, some customers ask for the application of plasterboard sheets with decorative motifs.

There are, for example, the corner frames, the Greek frets and chandelier rosettes that will be fixed to the wall to enrich the ceiling with various motifs. Work is generally carried out by the same painter, but will affect the cost per square meter because it will take time and involve the use of special adhesives. It will be necessary to consider the material of the frame (if polystyrene, plaster or plasterboard), the adhesive to be used and, last but not least, the type of paint. In many cases the tone of the rose window will be in contrast with that of the ceiling, while the frame will act as a divider with the rest of the wall.

For the calculation of Costi to paint on the square will also be necessary to evaluate the painting of ceilings. It involves using two different paints, one simple for the time, the other particular for the walls.

Once the various costs have been defined, it will be necessary to add each one of them to get the clear picture of a possible quote. The result will then be multiplied approximately by the square meters to be painted, taking into account that the ceiling painting may be different from the wall one. To obtain the ceiling size, simply define the perimeter of the floor. For the surface of each wall the base and the height of the room will be calculated. Doors and windows will also be included in the calculation.

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