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mosaic-indoor-wall, stoneware, porcelain-polished-8237-5154103Gres here's how house renovation it often follows new market trends. The trend to cover both floors and walls with porcelain stoneware tiles is also confirmed for 2015 at Cersaie, the International Exhibition of Ceramics for Architecture and Bathroom Furnishings. The Porcelain Stoneware is a material that allows the faithful reproduction of natural materials, such as stone and especially wood. Reproduction is such that the Gres shows the nuances, shadows, signs, colors and tones typical of these materials.

How do you get reproductions of the Gres?

Al cersaie also appear brick-effect surfaces and industrial-type ones: with new formats, very small and in retro style, like the 7 x 28 cm format. Even the very large industrial-style tiles arrive, such as the 80 x 80 cm.

Porcelain stoneware is confirmed as one of the most successful coatings for its aesthetic quality and mechanical strength.

Let's talk about a very flexible ceramic material, allows the creation of various formats and decorations, as well as the use of many colors, the choice between matt or glossy surfaces. It can really be said that this coating adapts to any style and furnishing need. The porcelain fits porcelain stoneware wallsafely to any domestic environment, it is resistant to bending, frost, stains, slipping and abrasion, for all these reasons you can choose it in any room of the house. For this reason many architects they are re-evaluating this material in the home environment. If you are considering renovate your bathroom or other areas of the house also consider this type of material.

Porcelain stoneware cleaning

This coating is kept clean with detergents and degreasers to be simply diluted in water. On the other hand, oily soaps and waxes that could damage the surface of the tiles are not recommended.

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