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A design element to furnish yours with taste and elegance casa is the plasterboard. Not only used to build the classic partition walls, but a real design element that makes the rooms unique and customizable. Let's see better what are the potentials of plasterboard and what the creative and innovative ideas for the home.

Choose plasterboard as a piece of furniture for the counter walls and false ceilings

Whether to create classic or more modern and linear false ceilings and counter-walls, plasterboard is the ideal solution. The new modern perspectives see the creation of smooth ceilings and the same dimensions as the underlying walls as well as the insertion of spotlights. In the new concepts the false ceiling then seems to follow only a part of the ceiling, playing in an original way with one side or both. The light, led or neon, is an additional factor that makes your environment even more refined by creating a luminous effect in the center of the false ceiling. LED strips are also increasingly used, light strips inserted in special grooves or channels. Even the double LED light trails, positioned respectively on the wall and on the ceiling, create truly innovative lighting effects. The colors of the LEDs can also change, or remain fixed on a chosen one according to your needs.


If you want to create creative, geometric, parallel or more extravagant paneling the plasterboard is certainly a great solution. Create and play with the spaces in your walls, always with the addition of a light element that creates atmosphere.

Why resort to the false ceiling

In addition to giving added value to spaces, the false ceiling is an optimal solution in the case of small rooms where greater depth and breadth is required, made possible through lighting that creates shadows and shades. In practical terms, the false ceiling, as well as any work made of plasterboard, does not seem to know equal in terms of economy, speed and adaptability. For the wallet it is one expenditure accessible considering the value for money, the assembly then turns out to be fast and does not require particular interventions and finally it is a versatile solution conceived for both modern and classic environments.

Where to use it?

The false ceiling is often made in the most modern and innovative kitchens, where it becomes a real essential piece of furniture and effect placed on islands or peninsulas. Also in the bathroom finds great success, in particular the use of light to highlight important showers or whirlpools. Colored LED lights or spotlights and that's it.plasterboard-spotlights-house

Create with plasterboard

A truly innovative solution to create niches, shelves and bookcases, but not only even hidden doors or cabinets. The plasterboard really lends itself to everything and furnishes your home with functionality and style.
For example, a plasterboard niche in the living room will tastefully furnish the wall used for television with the addition of shelves for an ideal outline for the TV. Even in the case of open living areas such as the kitchen and the dining area, the plasterboard allows you to create counters or half walls to divide the spaces without weighing them down. It will be easy to create a partition wall that will become a bookcase or a simple additional element with lights and small pieces of furniture.

Play of light and luminous effects with spotlights and colored LED strips, greater depth to the rooms, shadows and shades for a unique and customizable atmosphere and an unbeatable value for money: plasterboard is the winning solution for a home to be discovered.

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