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Bathroom? When it is necessary to design an environment of this type it is easy to incur the big fork: tub or shower? There shower ever more practical and adaptable to small measures, while the tub ideal for those who love to indulge in small moments of true relaxation. Whether the choice concerns a bathtub or a shower, the bathroom will become an important room as much as the others in the house, in fact the solutions in this sense are increasingly innovative, both from an aesthetic and technological point of view.

The bathroom is transformed: functional and design solutions to furnish your home in a practical way

Restoration interventions of the bathroom are dealt with in the phase of renovation, functionality and design are important at this stage. The problem does not arise if the house is designed to have two bathrooms, one usually service and small in size where you can insert a practical shower box, and a main bathroom where you can insert a bathtub and have every comfort that the market offers. If, on the other hand, there is only one bathroom, the choice must be adapted according to the spaces. If it is a very large area it will not be a problem to insert both a shower and a bathtub, this only if the two installations are harmonious between them and not too close. Bathroom renovation starts with an idea: what does the customer want? The figure of the architect it can simplify the choice of materials and the type of sanitary ware.

shower bathroomFor small bathrooms instead you have to make a choice by carefully evaluating the advantages and disadvantages as well as the needs of the family, especially if children and the elderly are present. The system of shower tub seems to be able to satisfy everyone's needs as well as being an excellent solution in bathrooms with minimal spaces. A glass-enclosed tub is then installed which, if necessary, can be used as a shower. The only flaw, if we can define it that way, concerns the aesthetics that is certainly not rewarded. However, there are valid solutions that, in addition to being functional, manage to be aesthetically pleasing.

A shower with so many advantages

It seems to be the most popular choice for both practicality. that for adaptability to small environments. The shower enclosure is in fact the most suitable solution also for elderly children and is easier to clean and maintain. The market offers many solutions of design with increasingly large and innovative shower boxes, flush with the floor to avoid unevenness and maintain continuity with the rest of the furniture as well as shower heads increasingly powerful and aesthetically appealing.

The revenge of the shower, from a simple practical and economic solution to a true element of design and innovation that manages to furnish with taste and a touch of originality.rectangular shower cubicle For those who have larger spaces or simply love a more relaxing and prolonged bathroom, the bathtub remains a must. The new frontier is to install the tub, often with hydromassage, not necessarily in the bathroom area, but in other parts of the house such as the bedroom or even the living area. A bathtub no longer limited to the sphere of personal hygiene. THE restructuring costs of the bathroom depend on the type of intervention you wish to carry out.

The living area turns into a moment of sharing with friends during parties or special moments, in fact the whirlpools become mini pools at home, for truly unique comfort. For the more romantic there are solutions for the bedroom, of different shapes and colors. Here too there is the possibility of inserting the whirlpool, but in terms of design the most sophisticated and elegant solution are the round tubs that allow the installation of a shower head on the ceiling for a effect waterfall truly breathtaking.

Modern bathroom solutions are able to meet the needs of every family, combining aesthetics, design and practicality. The shower remains the undisputed winner for those who prefer more functional solutions, but at the same time innovative, while the bathtub becomes a place of sharing with surprising solutions.

To carry out a bathroom renovation it is important to contact industry professionals to obtain custom projects.

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