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If you bought a house or simply want to refresh your bathroom, this article is for you! A room from modern design will give your home that glamorous touch that will make the difference. But be careful choose the color: each shade has a precise meaning. Blue indicates tranquility, green equilibrium, yellow happiness, violet elegance, gray rigor and red enthusiasm. Colors also communicate aspects of your character!

colorful bathroom ideas

How to get a colored bathroom

Here are 8 ideas you can inspire for your environment:

Colored walls in contrast with the floor. A wise man juxtaposition game of different colors, sometimes in contrast, it can give your room a new look! In addition, this trick is very special and not very common and in a few moves you can get a surprising effect!

Walls colored like the tiles of the floor. For lovers of ton sur ton we recommend combining the flooring tiles with the painting of the walls. Not necessarily we recommend the exact same color (which would be difficult to reproduce) but also a slightly darker or lighter shade.

Tile mosaic. How beautiful are i mosaics? What if we offer you one in your bathroom? On the shades of light blue, pink, purple or gray, your room will be completely revolutionized!

Colored tiles to create sophisticated coatings o eccentric color combinations. For example, black and white can be used to obtain particular optical effects. In addition, Italy boasts a large artisan production. In short, you are spoiled for choice!

Wallpaper. The la is back in vogue wallpaper it can be an excellent solution for those who want a colored bathroom without much effort. from vintage fantasy, al floral or depicting works of art, adapts to any size and style.

Sanitary ware and colored furniture. You never thought about it, yet i health they also exist colored or they can be notifications! Another tip could be the use of colored or varnished furniture with particular colors that give panache and elegance to your bathroom.

 colored bathroom

Choose Case Renovation

When renovating a bathroom it is essential to contact a leading company in the sector. High quality materials, precision and speed are our strengths. You will have a single architect who will follow all the execution phases: from design to bureaucracy, from requesting permits at the municipality to construction. You will be able to enjoy your renovations in total tranquility! You can request an inspection and a free, no-obligation quote.

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