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The month of September is a bit like that of January: a new one start point, with many good intentions and plans: enrolling in the gym, going on a diet, painting the bedroom walls, changing the furniture in the living room and so on. Unlike January, however, September undoubtedly represents the best time for restructure own home, for climatic, practical and psychological reasons. Let's find out why.

The works of September: renew your home with inspiration after summer holidays

Accomplices the memories of the holidays, the return home in the "usual" apartment always carries with it a bit of sadness but also a great desire for change. And so the projects begin, the new ideas, perhaps inspired by the foreign country we visited, or the furnishing of the hotel or holiday home.

Going out for a period of time (more or less long) from one's routine and from one's home, in fact, makes us more lucid and critical when one returns with a more open mind, with so much desire to reorganize, to eliminate the superfluous and that which is no longer of our taste, to make room for new ideas and new elements, furniture and objects that we have brought with us right from our trip and that now need an adequate location.

Restructure in September: the psychological advantages

September is undoubtedly the best time to make changes in your home, whether it is to do one complete renovation of the house that only change the fabrics. Since we are just returning from the summer break, we are more relaxed and energetic, and we have time to devote ourselves to projects for the home.

Of course, having a house upside down and workers dismantling is never particularly pleasant, but what about when these works are done in the middle of winter or before the long-awaited summer holidays? Summer with its high temperatures is certainly the worst time to make gods work at home, whether it is small jobs like giving white to the fence in the garden or large renovations. There is the risk of making superficial choices, maybe starting jobs that then due to the period must be interrupted and postponed to September, maybe because a supplier has no way to get that particular piece that we have chosen or because we can not deliver the new furniture for the living area.

The advantages on the practical side

Having recently returned from vacation makes us feel physically (and mentally) more rested and regenerated, less stressed and more predisposed to commitment than the renovations, more or less consistent, need. In many professions work activity resumes more gently, which is why we are less burdened by work and overwhelmed by the routine of our daily commitments.

I-work-of-September-3Also, September is a excellent period also from a climatic point of view: it is not cold yet but the torrid heat has ceased, so it is the ideal time to perform all those types of jobs such as changing frames, building canopies and pergolas, replacing the floor, structural changes , painting the walls, work on the electrical or hydraulic system. Those who have a second home that only uses during the summer, must take even more advantage of this period to do any work.

Advantageous prices and greater choice

In addition to all these reasons, September also turns out to be the best time in which to do business: companies have resumed their activities, new orders have been made and therefore supplies of material and goods. So much so that those who find themselves choosing items or finishes during the summer often hear that they will have to wait until September. In fact, placing an order before summer closure can be risky because it may be difficult to match the timing between manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer and various carriers.

For example, if the new kitchen tiles are delayed in the renovation phase, how do you proceed with the other work phases? In September, moreover, due to the replenishment of new products and latest collections, they can be found at discounted prices previous season items and stock funds. The same applies to out-of-season products such as air conditioners, summer curtains for balconies and garden furniture. Buying the same model of air conditioner in May or September has a considerable price difference, so it's always better to make new purchases at the end of the season and keep them ready for use the following summer.

The benefits for those who must carry out the work

First of all it is good to remember that, especially when it comes to renovations, it is essential to contact gods qualified professionals that can offer great service. In this regard, it is always advisable to hear more companies, making them do a online quote, before deciding who to appoint. Although the professionals are able to work according to the deadlines and it is essential to establish a date for the completion of the work, the fact of not being in a hurry to finish necessarily within a specific day because then there are the summer holidays, leaving no room for any inconvenience which can always occur, it certainly has a positive influence on the experts.


These will be able to dedicate themselves with more precision and dedication to every single detail, without neglecting small imperfections or problems. Moreover, having the works carried out in a short time and without the possibility of extension, surely goes to the detriment of quality because the inconveniences can happen and it is a variable that must always be taken into account.

Work for outdoor spaces

Anyone who has a space outside the house knows this well: September is the right period to take care of it, especially in view of the upcoming cold season. It is therefore necessary to do all those fundamental works to protect the elements that could be damaged by bad weather and low temperatures: sandpaper and repaint wood and iron furniture with a protective spray, empty, clean and cover the pool, protect lawn chairs, armchairs and all garden furniture, bring the plants back into the house that were put in the garden in the spring and suffer from the cold.

Who has plants or a vegetable garden, then he will have to start preparing the soil in view of the winter, weed out the weeds and eliminate the dried flowers, prune the plants, dig the soil to create it and prepare it for winter sowing, and fertilize the plants that need them.

Soft work inside the house

La complete renovation of an apartment it's demanding and involves time, money and a lot of work. If you have desire for change but you cannot or do not want to completely change the structure of the house with demanding renovations, it will be sufficient to change the color to one or more walls, perhaps replace it as a piece of furniture or give it new life by repainting it with another shade.

For renew a little the appearance and the styling of our house we can even dedicate ourselves to fabrics, such as sofa covers and cushions, curtains, carpets, tablecloths, but also to accessories and storage trays that give a certain personality to the environment depending on the style you prefer, from ethnic to shabby chic, from industrial to classic. Finally, September is also the time for changing cabinets, in this case it is important to make a selection of what is no longer used, so as to have more space for future purchases.

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