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Do you have an apartment to sell or rent and you wonder why months have gone by without anyone interested in your home? Are you looking for a house but often the real estate agent takes you to visit very run-down apartments? He is convinced that everyone has the same ability to imagine him in his maximum potential. It is not so. Visiting a dirty and messy apartment requires a great leap of imagination that not everyone is capable of. Imagining a dusty old place as comfortable is difficult. Home staging is precisely the winning strategy to sell and rent a house quickly and at the best market price. Let's see what it is.

Home staging: art of empowering places

Home staging is a very widespread practice in the world especially in America. It was born in the 70s as a real estate marketing tool and is now starting to appear in Italy as well. In the phase in which the real estate market was saturated and static, even the Italians began to understand that they could return to being competitive and commercial, giving luster to their run-down apartments.

Furthermore, home staging becomes a great ally for flash rentals. An increasingly widespread and parallel practice to the choice of hotels. There are those who prefer to have the comforts of home even when traveling than in the cold Hotel. Many property owners have opted for short-term rentals rather than annual contracts.

And how to make short rentals a wonderful place in the cold online shop windows? Thanks to home staging! Who wouldn't be attracted online by the neat furnishings and the freshness of a freshly painted apartment? We would certainly all prefer it to a dusty, albeit lower priced place.

The Home Stager, the professional that takes care of the intervention, will start from conceiving your house as a product and will implement a targeted series of interventions for depersonalize environments.

This means that a place furnished with the too personal taste of the landlord could create problems in the rental phase. The professional will instead define the destinations of use of the places and will make better use of the spaces. It will transform the place adapting it to the taste of most people and respecting the budget (this is the skill reduced) previously agreed with the customer.

Home staging:

renovation of low-cost houses

The first important thing to underline in the home staging intervention implemented by the architect, builder, designer is the low cost.

This is because nothing is contemplated

renovation home.

The small adjustments will be aimed at reducing the time of sale or rental of a place, saving on all points.

What type of activity does the home stager perform? It will make the place pleasant and alluring for the potential buyer. If you are thinking, that with your good taste you can make your grandmother's house pleasant too, here are the steps to follow:

  • Eliminate all unnecessary and too personal ornaments and frills (decluttering)
  • Repaint the walls in neutral and fashionable colors.
  • Choose to keep only essential pieces of furniture and place them in harmony in the space (which are always functional)
  • Enhance old furniture and retro surfaces with nourishing treatments for wood or surface painting.
  • Perform electrical repairs, and make the environment comfortable by taking care of small details.
  • Exalt light sources such as windows or electric lights already in existence with the help of new curtains and lamps.
  • Clean, sanitize and make the surfaces sparkle.

The home stager will therefore enhance the peculiarities and strengths of your property, creating a harmonious setting that will allow it to be sold or rented quickly because it is impeccable. The renter will have to feel at home with a single glance.

What are the costs of home staging? Certainly inferior to a total renovation per square meter or to hold an apartment without profit. They range from 500 euros to 2500 for more massive interventions. The higher price is also determined by the change of many furniture and disposal than the previous ones. The home stager will take care of the boring for you decluttering : freeing the environments of superfluous objects to obtain new functional spaces.

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