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Guide to choosing materials in the kitchen, how and what to choose for the kitchen renovation. The definition of the kitchen itself is the heart of the home: this is why it must first of all be welcoming, but also practical and functional and also possess aesthetic characteristics that meet our tastes. The moment we decide to buy a new kitchen we realize that they are there two main materials: lacquered and laminated. When you find yourself choosing a new kitchen, often you let yourself be influenced by the aesthetics and the final price, leaving aside considerations on the material or finish that we are going to choose.
The first thing to do is therefore a careful consideration of the qualities and defects of the materials that will go to make up our new kitchen, be careful for example that the furniture has greater resistance or even a different duration in time, in addition to requiring a precise maintenance. The modern kitchens, the glossy ones to be clear, are often lacquered and laminated, two materials that do not have such an obvious aesthetic difference, but differ greatly in their intrinsic characteristics.

Guide to the choice of materials in the kitchen: better laminated or lacquered? How to choose the best solution for your needs


Il laminate it is a coating consisting of sheets impregnated with phenolic resins, usually applied to wooden panels. The most common kind of laminate isHPL "High pressure laminate", which takes its name from its constitution, since the sheets are put together by strong pressure combined with heat. The thickness of the laminate (intended as panel covering) varies from 0,6 to 1,2 mm.

Why choose laminate?

Simple, iLaminate is a hygienic, waterproof and very resistant material, which makes it perfect for an environment like the kitchen, plus there are unlimited opportunities for finishes and nuances on the market. The laminate is also present in both matt and glossy versions, but also embossed. Another feature that makes the laminate one of the most used materials is the fact that it is economical and allows the wood to be perfectly imitated. Furthermore, the laminate in the kitchen is resistant to water, heat and steam. But how much it costs to restructureand with this solution? On the internet we can find different suppliers and request a online quote.

What to use for cleaning the laminate kitchen?

For sanitize the laminate just with a soft cloth, preferably in microfibre, combined with a detergent product. For more resistant stains, you can use sponges and liquid detergents or neutral detergents, but if the limestone stains are to annoy our laminate top, a sponge with warm water or vinegar will suffice.

The lacquer

Materialseven the lacquered is proposed on the market in an infinite number of variants and colors; unlike laminate, it does not have a wood-effect version, but there is an open-pore lacquer that has the characteristic of allowing the veins of the panel to be seen. The lacquering is made with polyurethane paints in general on wood fiber supports and can be opaque, glossy or metallized.
If you choose to buy a lacquered kitchen, it's good to know that the lacquer is a slightly more delicate material than the laminate one and may undergo some color changes over the years. For this reason the best brands in the kitchen sector use paints with excellent resistance to light and produce multi-layer lacquers.

How to clean a lacquered kitchen?

Even the lacquer is easily cleaned with non-abrasive detergents using a soft or microfibre cloth.

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