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From the 22 February 2018 the Unified Conference (coordination body between the State and Local Authorities) approved the free building glossary. If you want to more easily understand the 58 works that can be done without presenting the practices in the Municipality this article is for you. Do you know that the Municipalities themselves will no longer be able to impose the obligation to pay charges and the bureaucratic delays will be swept away? Today we present together the salient points of the glossary (in force the 22 April 2018) very important for those who must renovate the house and make changes.

Free building glossary

: what changes for home renovation?

Fundamental for those who need to renovate their home is the knowledge that for certain interventions it is no longer necessary to present in the Municipality:

  • La CILA (Communication of Accredited Work Starts)
  • The SCIA (Certified Start of Activity Report)
  • Additional permissions for construction.

The jobs related to the bureaucratic facilitation are:

  • Ordinary maintenance (masonry parts, finishes and systems)
  • Heat pump installations
  • Installation of renewable energy installations
  • Outdoor flooring with bulky equipment and furnishings.


Despite the glossary facilitating the creation of works without authorization and the Italian bureaucratic streamlining, it is always necessary pay attention to the rules to be respected. Construction sites must always be secured, the plants must always be certified. Do not forget to ask for authorizations in the event of special constraints (such as buildings near Cultural Heritage or with hydrogeological constraints). We at Case Restructuring always recommend the help of a registered professional Albo who advise you with a good design for the best investment of time and money.


free building glossary

: positive aspects for your renovation

The first positive aspect that we want to emphasize is that you will have the opportunity with less bureaucracy than a more streamlined design! You will be able, in fact, to use and reinvest part of the budget that you have saved on stamps and practices in the choice of higher quality materials and a qualified architect. A professional in the sector will carry out a project focused on spaces and furnishings.

Ordinary maintenance work of the building parts and finishes

The glossary reaffirms on some pages what you already know: it is possible to work on plasters, floors and coatings without any communication. It is possible to intervene in the facade decorations, downspouts, building staircases, by ordinary maintenance only if repairs or slight replacement operations are carried out. The situation is different for i roof work, whose repair is possible without the intervention of the enabled architect only using the same identical insulation materials.

Ordinary maintenance work on the plants

All interventions on electrical systems, water and sanitation systems, sewers and home accessory services (for example, boiler replacement) are free from authorization requests.

The subject of the new installation of air-conditioning, fire-fighting, photovoltaic and external lighting systems that were previously free from bureaucracy remains unchanged Always remember, however, to get yourself released the plant conformity certificate when you finish the work. It will be a guarantee for you or the inhabitants if you decide to rent the apartment.

Free building glossary

: renovation of the external spaces of the house

The new glossary clarifies that they can be implemented without problems, in the obvious respect of soil permeability indices, outdoor flooring to your home. Also included are waterproofing sheaths and various cavities.

The building glossary admits free installation of gazebos of small sizes, closets to repair garden tools (not anchored to the ground).

The fact that it does not express itself on the precise measures of the external furnishings makes us assume that then the Municipalities will give directions. Our advice is to always inform you first. If you plan to build a gazebo ask at the local Technical Offices.

If you want to deepen the building works free from the authorizations and from the qualifying title read the list in the Official Gazette of the Republic.

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