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If in the past a house just a click away seemed like science fiction, now new technologies confirm that home automation is increasingly becoming part of the daily routine.

Domotica is a term that derives from the fusion of the Latin word domus (trad. "home") and robotics. It is the science that studies and applies technologies in living environments. It developed at the turn of the second half of the twentieth century, with the aim of improving life and connecting the systems together. In recent years it has become more widespread due to the lowering of costs and the technological surge of increasingly “smart” smartphones. Today the idea of ​​a webcam that takes pictures inside our fridge and sends us data everywhere is entirely plausible. Home automation technology has come to overcome the unthinkable. Why not enjoy this evolution and make life easier?

Why renovate a home with home automation

If you choose to renovate your home and enter it, intersperse one home automation system you will have the coordinated management of all the equipment and installations in your home. With a simple device you will have the advantage by clicking from the mobile phone, remote control, or from the PC you will control the whole system. You can choose to set the autonomous functioning and the facilities will do their work at the time you set.

We deepen all the applications of the system of

renovation with home automation


What can you manage with a home automation system?

Having a home automation system will make your home more SMART, with an app from your phone or with a touch panel you can coordinate and program the operation of every area of ​​the house, appliance, energy system and security.

The advantages of home automation in various environments

  • You will program ignition and switching off the lights, the opening and closing of curtains and shutters. You will decide in advance the closure of entrance doors and shutters.
  • Air Conditioning controlled. You can decide at what time to start the temperature at certain times of the year and in the various domestic environments. You'll be lucky enough to set the temperature room by room.
  • You will have a irrigated garden or spraying only some plants on the terrace.
  • You will manage the heating water differentiating it and making the most of the boiler e solar panels.

Home automation and electrical systems

  • You can program the switching on and off of the refrigerator.
  • You can start the washing machine and the dishwasher, cook the roast in the oven thanks to the ok of the devices from the office.
  • You will manage the operation of household appliances in the city from your seaside home. 

Home automation and security

  • You will program all access systems to the home.
  • You will see wherever you are images of security systems.
  • You will have more control and coordination between the interiors and exteriors of the environments.
  • You will enjoy a system impeccable fire and flood protection and video controlled 

The home automation system and energy and time saving

A house built through a

home automation renovation

it also has the advantage of being paradoxically greener.


This is because by constantly monitoring energy consumption, thanks to programming, waste will be avoided. By reading all consumption you will identify unnecessary overloads.

We must not underestimate the comfort and relaxation factor. Living in a house full of practicality and mechanized actions reduces the stress accumulated outside in the daily grind. A smart home is a simple and practical place to manage.

The costs of a home automation renovation


There are several factors that affect the final costs of restructuring a hi-tech home. The price of a complete renovation depends on quantity of areas to be automated e facilities predispositions previous. Our advice is to ask for a quote and note if the costs of home automation design are included (as with us at Renovation Homes!) Other factors that determine the restructuring costs domotics are: the width of the masonry, the square meters, the number of systems to be coordinated.

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