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When you want home refurbishing one of the good intentions you have is to recover as much space as possible and make sure that every surface of the house is used to the maximum.

Choose a sofa bed to redecorate a place, it's definitely part of this strategy: and for this we want to help you find the sofa bed right for you.

Why take a sofa bed

A single piece of furniture that can be used for two different uses: the sofa bed is the protagonist of different moments of the day and can be closed or opened according to the needs of that specific day.

The reasons for buy a sofa bed all reside in its practicality, because it allows you to welcoming guests more or less frequently. This type of furniture can also be useful furnishing an apartment for rent or a holiday home for add beds and maybe earn a little more: the sofa bed could also serve you if you need to transform a bedroom into a studio but you don't want to give up the possibility of host friends or relatives.

Whether you decide to keep it in your home or use it in a secondary home, if you are reviewing your spaces to better exploit them and are looking for a quality sofa bed our Case Restructuring experts will help you find the right one.

Sofa bed: which to choose

Not only personal tastes and aesthetic motivations, but also practical evaluations: in choosing it you cannot neglect the specific use of the sofa bed, or to know if you will have to open it and close it several times a day. You will need to calculate the actual space that the sofa bed will occupy, so the bulk of passing from the sofa to the bed and vice versa, in addition to the space necessary to open it easily and to make sure that the walls do not mark themselves.

The bed base and the mattress of the sofa bed 

Fundamental components for choose the sofa bed they are the net and the mattress, or the two elements that make the difference even in a bed.

A quality mattress, able to guarantee a certain comfort, can be made of polyurethane or latex and is generally high minimum 18 centimeters: this is the necessary size for a sofa bed for everyday use, whereas if this arrangement should not be used for long periods, it is possible to opt for mattress sizes for more standard sofa beds, up to 10 cm.

The most recommended mesh is generally the one with the wooden slats, which do not deform as happens with metal meshes. 

If you are thinking of renovate or redecorate your home because your initial needs have changed and you must evaluate a new sofa bed, contact us to help you make the best choices!

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