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The dreaded arrive with the summer season mosquitoes. Every female mosquito can lay eggs up to 450 in a season and sting us after just two days of life. It goes without saying that we must face a real army. Our dear old women are on our side mosquito nets. Old are the words, since we are now dealing with a whole series of models that fit well even in a minimal chic environment. Care, however, they always are: with their tight knits they are able to block mosquitoes and other unwanted insects giving us peace in summer days.

Thanks to mosquito nets, faithful allies, the air will circulate freely inside our home. Let's see how we can move within the mosquito net forest that the market offers. First of all, a first distinction is made between vertical mosquito nets (think mostly for windows) and horizontal mosquito nets, almost always hosted by French windows and doors of considerable size. And within these two categories there are countless solutions.

The installation of mosquito nets is an operation that can also be done on the occasion of a window renovation, aimed at complete energy restructuring of the house.

Insects attack, defend yourself with roller or pleated insect screens: a small guide to choosing

Mosquito nets, which ones to choose? They are easily installed in any housing or work unit roller roller blinds, which can be horizontal scrolling or vertical scrolling. The latter, otherwise called a guillotine, are commonly used for narrow windows, for example for the bathroom or closet window. They can be equipped with a chain, which has the important advantage of blocking the movement of the door at the desired height.

The models horizontal scrolling, with one or two doors, are generally mounted on larger openings: French windows and doors that open onto the balcony, veranda, terrace, garden. But of course they can also be installed on entrance doors, for example between the shutter and internal frame, one of the solutions adopted in terraced houses.

The horizontal sliding mosquito nets, in turn, can be spring-loaded or can be fitted with friction opening. While the roller models with vertical winding do not need a ground guide and can be equipped with a winding with automatic control, those with a horizontal winding can slide on a track.

defend yourself-with-mosquito netsLa horizontal fly screen with double door it closes hermetically by interlocking or by means of magnets, whereas the single-leaf model usually fits inside the guide placed on the door frame. If you live in a historic building where you want to hide the aluminum profiles from view, the solution must be sought in an elegant recessed mosquito net. Homes decorated in a minimal style will also enjoy it, with flush doors and clean lines. The ultimate in elegance is achieved by combining a built-in mosquito net and retractable doors, perhaps flush with the wall.

When you decide to home refurbishing attention should also be paid to such interventions. If, for example, you have one holiday home by the sea, the need to provide it with comfortable and functional mosquito nets could prove to be a successful move, when not indispensable, even more so if you intend to rent it for short periods.

So, for the entrance you can think of one horizontal sliding insect screen with single door, while for the less frequented French windows the choice could fall on a guillotine model, with or without chain. Alternatively, you can orient yourself for the magnetic mosquito nets, more and more requested in recent times.

In fact, the magnetic mosquito nets they ensure an excellent seal and have the additional advantage of letting people and animals pass without the risk of the mosquito nets going off axis. Because there is no rolling: the closure by means of magnets allows an easy and fast passage, even for children or animals (for cats you can think of the passagatto door, a sort of screened cat flap).

We are facing a real curtain holder that closes magnetically as we pass, with mosquitoes. THE prices of installation of mosquito nets curtain are contained, because in this case the door can be fixed to the door frame without passing through aluminum or other material profiles. The magnets can be mounted over the entire height of the mosquito net, which is generally very resistant to tearing. It is a solution that can be adopted anywhere, but is perfect for the door that opens onto the garden or courtyard.

The costs to be faced

Whatever the model chosen, i prices of a mosquito net installation they have little influence on the cost of one Home renovation. Moreover, for the advantage that can be drawn from this, important expenses can also be incurred. Between fixed mosquito nets, one of the most used models is the wing mosquito net, real door with handle.

It can represent a piece of furniture in all respects and is characterized by solidity and durability. Moreover, it lends itself to the customization of fixtures and therefore can prove to be an interesting idea during a renovation. The disadvantage, compared to magnetic mosquito nets or spring, this is what all swing doors have, that is the size of the door opening.

defend yourself-with-mosquito-2If you do not have enough space to install roller models, but at the same time you want to avoid both the hinged and the recessed type, then you can opt for a mosquito net with sliding panels, especially when dealing with a large veranda. The fixed frame mosquito nets they are perfect for little used windows; if equipped with magnets, it is possible to install them directly on the grates of windows and dormers.

They are suitable for openings with frequent passage and small spaces pleated mosquito nets, which can do without the lower guide. Innovative and not too expensive, they are easy to open and close and are generally equipped with a magnet closure mechanism. Those suffering from pollen allergies may favor the anti-pollen pleated insect screen.

Very cheap and easy to assemble, but not very durable mosquito nets with velcro. They are indicated in the garden or on the terrace, for example to protect the gazebo. The outdoor alternative is represented by outdoor mosquito nets, a sort of mesh curtains to be fixed to the ground by means of pegs and which are perfect for isolating a relaxation area, such as the poolside sun lounger area.

The most requested are the mosquito nets for umbrellas, easy to install and dismantle. In the same way as the pergolas, even the balconies can be screened entirely with mosquito nets: guillotine models with several doors will be adopted or mosquito nets from balcony sliding sideways, with the foresight to choose anti-wind models. The sleeping area, on the other hand, can be protected with one bed mosquito net, which also succeeds as a sophisticated piece of furniture and looks like a veiled canopy. Valid allies of the little ones are the crib mosquito nets, with or without pedestal.

The types of nets for mosquito nets

The most used materials are galvanized aluminum and fiberglass. The networks in glass fiber, towards which the manufacturers are orienting themselves, allow greater elasticity than aluminum models, while guaranteeing the same resistance to atmospheric agents. If we want to avoid the swelling and redness that cause the bites of our enemies, not to mention the agonizing buzz that accompanies them, theinstallation of mosquito nets it is the most effective weapon.

But the typologies are such and so many that it is better to rely on professional advice, in order to avoid retracing their steps after some time and being forced to additional work. The worst that can happen to us is having to deal with a fixed model that does not suit the restyling in progress. The direction in which we are moving is the thematic decoration: the mosquito net has ceased to be only a protective element. It must be functional, of course, but only as long as it fits perfectly into the environment.

So much so that they are increasingly in demand colored mosquito nets or fantasy, evidently to be chosen according to aesthetic tastes and home furnishings. Therefore, theinstallation of mosquito nets it must take into account the available space, the presence of obstacles such as the roller shutter (due to which it may not be possible to mount recessed mosquito nets), but it must also pass through the design and furnishing needs.

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