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Tax deductions are valid incentives for the world of the home, in particular for the restructuring interventions there are important bonuses that the State has decided to make available until end of 2016.

It is in fact with the stability law that the extension for tax deductions was approved, so it will be possible to take advantage of the 50% of deductions on all building renovation works with a limit of Euro 96.000 per real estate unit. To make it easier for users, it is possible to benefit from incentives also in the field of furniture, always concerning homes undergoing renovation. The deductions in this context are intended for furnishing accessories and appliances exclusively in the classroom A+ (class A for ovens). To receive the bonus it is mandatory to present the documents certifying the purchases in the period from 6 June 2013 to 31 December 2016. The total sum is equal to Euro 10.000 to be divided into ten annual installments.

Guide to tax deductions: restructuring becomes simple and safe and for the environment

An important tax deduction is aimed at the restructuring and relative safety of anti-seismic buildings, located in areas with a high seismic hazard. The houses must be first homes or places of productive activity. In this area too, the incentives are active until 31 December 2016 and provide for one deduction equal to 65% of expenses incurred on a total of 96.000 euros.

Ecobonus. An impressive tax deduction, of 65%, is envisaged in the case of works aimed at energy improvement housing unit: let's talk about the so-called EcoBonus. The interventions to obtain better energy efficiency both for one's home and for the environment concern, for example, the installation of solar panels, heat pumps or biomass boilers.


What to expect with the start of the new year? The 2017 sees a return of tax deductions equal to 36% with a spending limit for real estate units equal to euro 48.000.

The beneficiaries

What are the conditions for taking advantage of tax deductions? Let's see them together. First of all they can benefit from the deductions i owners or naked owners, the holders of a real right of enjoyment, but also tenants and comforters. Also members of cooperatives o entrepreneurs individual they can request access to the bonus provided that the properties in question are not part of capital goods or merchandise.

Interventions and building renovation works

What restructuring and maintenance works are considered adequate for tax deductions? First of all, interventions by building renovation and extraordinary maintenance or rehabilitation of residential housing units, the same argument is valid for restructuring and works carried out on common parts of residential buildings.


As previously mentioned, the properties damaged as a result of natural disasters, like earthquakes or floods, they can request tax deductions, in this case a state of emergency must have been declared. Incentives are not lacking even for people with serious illnesses handicap in which it is necessary to carry out restructuring interventions aimed at removing the architectural barriers and offering a living space more in keeping with the needs of the person. Finally, the bonus is also available for the securing of your home with works designed to protect you from unlawful acts by third parties.

2016 is a very favorable year as regards incentives and tax deductions in the field of building renovation, there are also bonuses aimed at particular situations, all for the safety of citizens and to guarantee them better future prospects. There is also the EcoBonus aimed at energy redevelopment works: an added value to one's home and a look at the environment in which we live.

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