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Walls and style? If you want to give your home a fresh and new touch then painting the walls is definitely for you. Not only shades of color, but also many decorative techniques to give your rooms a completely personalized look.

Decorate the walls: techniques and colors to renovate your home, spending little on selected materials

As modern psychology suggests, colors have beneficial effects on the person, both physically and emotionally. This is why it is appropriate to make a careful choice of colors to be used to paint your home, this is because living in an environment with the right colors, which arouse positive emotions, helps to find again equilibrium between mind and body, as well as giving an added aesthetic touch to the home.
Color-wall-painting What colors?

For the liveliest spirits, cheerful and inclined to dialogue and communication on red it is also a really good color for home painting. Me too'Orange seems to arouse positive emotions such as vitality, optimism and cheerfulness. The yellow instead it is a color that evokes positive feelings associated with imagination, creativity and happiness very useful for the most extravagant minds. If you are looking for a color that gives you tranquility and peace, as well as a sense of freshness, the blu is what you are looking for. The green instead it is the color of harmony. Its calming power seems to promote relaxation, tranquility and balance, as well as being the color of nature.

When refurbished an apartment stop and reflect on the right choice.

The technique is fundamental

Your architect have you proposed strange colors? As in every area, even decoration techniques have varying degrees of difficulty if the desired result is to be achieved. Let's start with the glazing, a technique in which it is necessary to obtain cloths, brushes and fabrics. The advantages are above all in the effects obtained, always different and multiple.
Let's see how to achieve it: we must apply over a background of matte painting (preferably washable) one veiled finish of tints of different colors. The products to be used are specific and are obtained by adding universal colors using a tinting machine to a neutral base. A versatile technique, which can be used both for interiors and exteriors and on both unfinished and smoothed stucco walls.

Obviously the choice of painting and the type of color has a great effect on restructuring costs.

Another very simple technique is the sponge. Just dip a sponge in the paint and then get a truly unique effect on the walls. As always, the result varies with the pressure exerted on the wall and the type of sponge: for an always the same effect, synthetic sponges are used, on the contrary sea ​​sponges they give an even more irregular effect. There cenciatura instead it is a technique that involves the use of cotton or leather rags with a procedure similar to the previous technique. The final result as always is different inWall-Color-brush based on the technique used: the rag is used on fresh paint to create movement or is soaked to create new plays of color. The brushed instead it involves the use of a brush from stiff bristles to create decorations on the wall.

After painting the wall with a preferably light color and letting everything dry, you can proceed with the decoration using a rather dark and strong color. A last fairly simple technique sees the protagonist roller. Depending on the type of roller and the pressure exerted, the effect will be unique and different as always. The best known finish to be made is that a Orange peel, both for rustic interiors and exteriors. A roller that prints on the walls is also a creative idea for floral or custom patterned walls.

Do not forget also the choice of colors for a home that reflects your soul and your emotions.

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