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Le kitchens with island, typically of American taste, are characterized by the presence of a central area separated from the rest of the furniture. In this block there are generally the hob with the suspension hood, the sink, the doors and the drawers.
La kitchen with peninsulainstead, it has a recess where you can enter the dining area equipped with chairs and tables. Therefore, this solution often takes over L-shape or C-shape.

In this article, only the first type will be discussed, focusing on its advantages and characteristics.


4 reasons to choose a kitchen with an island

The reasons for using an island kitchen are briefly summarized in the following points:

Hymn to modernity. This solution represents aalternative to the traditional idea of ​​cooking. It is characterized by a I look young it is original. In addition, an island kitchen can become open space connecting it with the living room by opening a niche or a door.

Space optimization. Convenience in the kitchen is everything! Indeed, in this room must be guarded everything you need to prepare meals and must be handy. The kitchen with island perfectly meets these needs. In the central area there are drawers and doors to keep everything in order without resorting to the use of extra sideboards that would decrease the spaces.

Perfect solution for any style of furniture. You love the sobriety of the Industrial style or you prefer it shabby Chic? No problem! The kitchen with island well adapts to your personal tastes. The important thing is to have space available.

Suitable for children. Having this type of cuisine is also excellent for i children and they're free to move in a safe environment. They can play, help parents prepare dishes and do their homework by acting in large spaces. The kitchen with island therefore meets the needs of adults and children.

To find out more about this type of cuisine and understand if it is right for you, contact us for a free inspection and quote we will be happy to accommodate your requests.


Why contact us for the renovation of your kitchen

When you decide to renovate your kitchen, you often make the mistake of underestimating spaces based only on aesthetics. In this way, the work budget will be higher than expected and the final effect will not be the best.

We at Case Restructuring once we have carried out the inspection we can already indicate which is the suitable configuration. A kitchen with island is preferred for large and open spaces while for narrow spaces a more compact solution is recommended.

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