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always the choice of color, at home or in the office, contributes to people's well-being, but it also represents a great opportunity to personalize your spaces.

Also colors of the kitchen walls they should not neglect these objectives and in this article we want to deepen our own the use of color linked to renovation of your kitchen, to help you find your way around different ideas.

Kitchen renovation: what you should not overlook

It's time to to renovate the kitchen, because it's too old now, or because you have to move to a new apartment but the kitchen is a total disaster: if you recognize yourself in one of these situations, and think of a total or partial renovation of the kitchen, there are some considerations that you cannot avoid, even before deciding on colors, finishes and furnishings.

First of all you have to study where to place the fundamental elements, especially if you have to change the layout: the hob, the sink and the refrigerator they require not only your personal preference, but also a specific location of the attacks. On this occasion, moreover, the state of the plant, hydraulic and electrical, so that after the restructuring they turn out to be standard installations. You can also find other suggestions to renovate the kitchen in this article.

As these reflections go hand in hand with those related to your aesthetic tastes and design, a technician like our Case Restructuring experts will be able to accompany you in these choices, in addition to helping you in all the bureaucratic aspects related to the work.

The colors in the kitchen and the right choice for the walls

Choose the colors for the kitchen walls it is an important step to take in relation to the furniture you want to buy or that you own and according to your tastes, so that this environment always welcomes you at its best!

The kitchen, in particular, is the place of the home where you can dare using bright colors, evaluating whether it is appropriate to do so alone for a wall and not for the whole room. In this case it will be useful to you the use of white, the classic color, which combines with any ceiling and floor and is always fresh and bright.

A color suitable for the kitchen is that of creativity, the yellow, which will excite the imagination, while one red or orange kitchen it is perfect if you need active stimuli, remembering that there are also less bright shades such as mustard yellow or darker reds to avoid being overwhelmed by the effects of too bright colors or getting tired of them.

If you need to relax in the kitchen you can opt for more aquatic tones such as blue and blue, while green is sometimes not recommended because in some shades it is a bit overwhelming. 

Have you been considering to restructure the kitchen and want to orient yourself between proposals and colors?

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