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The renovation works are distinguished between those expressly necessary for the adaptation of existing systems, making them compliant with current legislation and those carried out because they derive from the need to change the aesthetic appearance of one's home. Sometimes renovations they are necessary in order to guarantee an improvement in the structural aspects to make the buildings safer and more resistant to seismic events that are not negligible at all.

For a probable buyer it may be useful to evaluate whether it is convenient to buy a new property or to prefer one already used, at a lower price but including renovation costs. When evaluating the renovation of your apartment, there are special online software that allow you to independently make an estimate of the total expenditure to be incurred according to the square meters available and the finishes you want to obtain. They also make it possible to receive quotes from companies and thus to compare the possible solutions to be

It is also possible to rely directly on the experience of a professional in the sector, who, depending on the type of work to be carried out, will draw up a quote and will communicate the restructuring prices. It is obviously advisable to refer to several construction companies and to choose the one that best meets your personal needs. A state of the art renovation work is closely related to the durability of the furnishings. In fact, investing a lot at the start can allow you to have to resort to further maintenance after some time and therefore save on future work. By entrusting the maintenance work to a team of specialists able to ensure assistance and advice for the entire duration of the maintenance operations, you will have a turnkey renovation, in which each operation is preliminarily studied in detail.

One part of the house to which particular attention must be paid is that of the balcony, which over time, due to overloads and the actions of atmospheric agents, tends to become an increasingly fragile structural element of the building. It is therefore good to go to remedy by intervening with appropriate maintenance operations in order to avoid jeopardizing the safety of possible users.

Generally, the weakening of the balcony is due to the presence of infiltration of rainwater inside the cracks that are caused over time. For this type of processing it is not recommended to work independently, but it is much safer to rely on specialists in the sector, as it is not an easy solution. To operate a balcony renovationin fact, it is necessary to assess the extent of the damage present on the element which can also be of a structural nature and therefore much more serious, for which the intervention of a surveyor or an engineer is necessary. Thanks to the presence of a balcony, however, it is necessary to be able to take care of a small green space, so it is an almost indispensable element for lovers of the green thumb.

Find out how to create a garden in your home or on the balcony as spring arrives

A green area does not necessarily have to be equipped on a balcony, also because not everyone has one. The solutions to be adopted are really many and depend on the taste of the owner of the house and above all on creativity. In fact, for those who do not have the possibility to use a terrace or a garden, the modern design allows anyone to create a green space dedicated to nature, where they can grow colorful plants and flowers even in a few square meters.

A space-saving solution can be to equip fresh green walls by creating real vertical gardens. Of great visual impact, it makes the environment elegant and naturally lively and separates the environment in an original way. To assemble a vertical garden, modules must be placed on the wall, generally made of metal, plastic or recycled material, but it is also possible to make them in wood to give a more rustic and homemade look. Equipped with an autonomous micro irrigation system, the seedling modules do not require special care.

how-to-create-a-garden-in-house-4It therefore consists of the ideal solution for those who do not have much time available but want to have a green corner in their home at all costs. The vertical garden can be made up of any type of plant and creating a small vegetable garden, including all the spices used in the kitchen, makes the equipped wall truly functional. Another very original and innovative idea can be to create vegetable paintings to hang on the walls, or to recycle old tin boxes previously used to contain tea bags, to be reused as pots for seedlings.

This very original and creative solution is ideal for those who do not have enough space available to adapt as a green space. Or it is also possible to create real green waterfalls by arranging supports tied to the ceiling to hang sagging plants. The solutions are truly endless and it seems almost impossible to impose a limit on the imagination.

If you want to focus more on the classic taste by arranging pot plants in strategic points, it is advisable to opt for evergreen plants such as areca, ficus or succulent species, the latter preferred for their durability and resistance to drought. and frequent in environments such as offices. The supports to be used can be of any material, from terracotta to wood to plastic. It is possible to make DIY vases with concrete or recycled materials, or you can think of occupying a small space of the floor, if you have enough, it can be covered with synthetic grass or pebbles, in order to recall an oriental Zen garden.

The latter solution can be surrounded by rocks, a pond and small waterfalls that make the environment very chic and exotic. You can also think of furnishing unused spaces, such as a basement or a hallway, with a water garden through the use of fish tanks. For those who have little space inside their home, it is possible to recreate small green spaces inside glass ampoules, creating a semi-closed and humid space, ideal for planting species such as Aechma fulgens and Pellea rotundifolia. It is also possible to create colorful compositions of succulent plants that do not require particular care and attention, and they also fit well in any space, whether it is small or poorly lit.


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