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When you decide to renovate your home, getting a clear idea of ​​the costs involved is not that easy. The process of estimates with the various companies begins. And you feel even more confused because the same renovation, depending on the construction company, can cost up to twice as much.

How come your friend's house, equivalent in square meters, in the hands of another professional is less expensive? Several elements must be kept in mind.

Let's find out the main factors that determine i costs in renovating a home. When you think about renovating a house you have to keep in mind that there are many factors that come into play. First of all:

  • The state and age of the building
  • The taste of the client
  • The finishes required more or less valuable
  • The retractable technology to be inserted inside (think of the home automation)

This is why construction companies, to avoid complicating and expanding too many variables and to meet the customer without too many technicalities, use

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per square meter. What are the factors that determine the difference in the request for a restructuring estimate?

1. Parts to be demolished

Unlike what you think, break down a wall has a low cost per square meter. So if you plan to save money, holding onto a wall, know that it won't be the one that makes the difference in your budget.

More important, however, is to understand what type of material must be removed. It is one thing to tear down a wall made with hollow bricks and another thing is reinforced concrete. In the case of more resistant materials, the cost of labor rises dramatically.

Same goes for the demolition of the floors: if the surface layer is to be removed the costs per square meter are not high.

The renovation costs go up when you need to do what to do with the tracks on the floor. In these cases it is often that voice "screed removal"In the estimates that we all notice and that has a noticeable impact!

2. Building materials in square meters

In an estimate and in the execution of renovations then, what makes the difference on the cost per square meter are the materials selected by the architect with the client.

Making a new wall in hollow brick or simple plasterboard has a very different amount. You can choose the latter if the wall will only have to divide without containing complex systems but only wires or holding heavy loads suspended.

3. Coverings per square meter

Coatings are the most variable item of the entire estimate (also called computo). You will have noticed that there are materials on the market that cost between 6 - 22 € / m² and others of 250 € / m². We at Case Restructuring we listen to the client studying a compromise between budget and the best technical aesthetic yield.

If you have a bathroom of just a few square meters, you can afford the luxury of a very precious covering. Choose a nice comfort shower, come on! If instead you have to pave the entire apartment of 80 m² better to focus on a quality product but at a more reasonable price.

4. Hydraulic and electrical system

The most significant expense of your budget is the facilities. It is not the material used (just read a quote to realize it) but the cost of labor. You will have to bear in mind that for a total renovation or that of a bathroom, the costs of:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrician
  • Worker (s) who will have to make the tracks for the passage of pipes and wires.

cost of renovation of apartments, cost of renovation of homeIn these cases it is not measured by the square meter, generally but with a light or water point.

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