In advertising related to building works, you often hear of "Restructuring turnkey" but you are not
the difference is clear with a normal building renovation. Today we will deepen the meaning of this
widespread expression "turnkey" the advantages, doubts and actual costs of the construction company.

Turnkey home renovation: what is it?

The term indicates that the contractor will undertake to supply the client-client
fully all the necessary performance. The building work will be like this, once the keys have been delivered,
terminated and usable immediately. The turnkey contract can be applied to different types of jobs

  • a home complete with furniture and furnishings
  • a store
  • a rustic farmhouse
  • a renovation of the facades
  • a total energy restructuring

Customer benefits in the

turnkey home renovation

Who decides to use this formula will immediately know the final price of the service without having surprises after delivery of the property. Furthermore, the customer will not have to take care of anything until the home or the property is finished.

Another substantial feature of the turnkey renovation is that the customer will have a single one interlocutor. So no bickering with the workers, there will only be the architect at the head of the project who will answer for the construction company. In this way it will be the task of the construction company to manage all aspects of the total or partial restructuring. The customer will be freed from the annoying task of calling many different professionals and thus incurring the risk of not finding experienced and helpful staff.

The doubt you have when you decide to use the turnkey restructuring formula, is that you pay
more and that we cannot change our mind during the work.

It is not true that turnkey management will cost you more, indeed. By taking care of everything, from the development of the project to the definition of the technical and financial aspects, you will be able to be routed towards the best choices. We will guide you in the choice of materials and we will constantly inform about the execution of the work. Home renovation boasts also the aid of a mobile app on which the customer can see the progress of the work in real time.

A turnkey renovation carried out well is based on the help of skilled workers able to implement the architect's project and subsequent variants during construction. If you have decided to change the height of the bathroom tiles, here it is!

The risks you avoid by choosing one

turnkey home renovation

When you decide to carry out construction work at home, fear is always linked to construction site problems. Know that if you choose Case Restructuring we will arrive in advance at the place of the works, we will dismantle your furniture and we will make the yard safe.

Another great fear when deciding to restructure is failure respect for delivery times for the unexpected. Entrusting the entire site to a single team that has already been tried and tested can minimize these inconveniences. With a turnkey master renovation, you can Say goodbye to health and emotional problems typical of when things do not run as planned.

You have decided to renovate your apartment but you have doubts about the turnkey restructuring costs? Write to us and we will make you an ad hoc quote. We will deliver you a free replacement apartment during the works. If you want, you can use a payment with convenient installments to make your dreams come true.

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