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In recent years we hear a lot about Ecosustainable Restructuring… .But what is meant by the definition Ecosustainable Restructuring?

What is meant by eco-sustainable renovation? Find out how to improve your home and the environment

In this article we will explain some basic steps for a sustainable home renovation: per eco friendly means one renovation what are you looking for minimize environmental impact. Want to know what steps to take to implement an eco-sustainable renovation?

Good quality materials

Scegliere good quality materials, which last over time and therefore do not require future maintenance costs. The choice to use good materials, if the idea is to renovate the house and then resell it, is very apt because it will increase the value of the property. Important to know i costs per square meter before restructuring and understand the savings following the renovation of the house.

Waste reduction

When restructuring is carried out it is often decided to replace old materials, this solution is never ideal as regards respect for the environment, it is inevitable that you are in the situation of throwing something away. It is estimated that approximately 115 kg of waste materials are produced for every square meter of dwelling that undergoes massive refurbishment.

Repair instead of replacing

Why not decide on rcompare instead of completely replacing? Both in the case of dated furnishings, but also of walls, fixtures and other parts of the house, it is always better to repair or modernize rather than replace. Moreover in this way you will be able to give space to your creativity and show off many DIY solutions. In this way the waste materials will be considerably reduced and, consequently, also the environmental impact.


Avoid substances harmful to the environment

Minimize environmental impact it doesn't just mean reducing waste, but avoid materials that contain hazardous chemicals. 

Proper waste disposal

The last trick concerns the correct waste disposal: understand carefully what materials will be eliminated, how and where.

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