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Before renovating your home there are some operations to be carried out to avoid surprises and therefore risk wasting time. Having a clear understanding of the duration of the works and how the various phases will take place is essential for enjoying your work with serenity.

The process to follow

Find out what to do before renovating your home by following these simple steps:

1) Contact a renovation firm to define the type of work to carry out. It may be a total or partial renovation that may concern, for example, only the bathroom or the living area. The total cost will vary according to the type and quantity of works.

2) Request the project and the estimate. A good professional will know how to listen to you to provide you with best solution for your needs. In addition, it will be able to show you which i are materials ideal for your environments that can last over time.

3) Evaluate the estimate taking into account the available budget. We remind you that for some interventions, such as those aimed at saving energy, it is possible to take advantage of incentives e tax deductions. For more information read our article.

4) Choose the company. If you want to receive more offers to understand which one is right for you, you can repeat the previous operations until you have found the right company for you. We at Restructuring offer you several advantages. First of all, we put at your disposal a single architect who will take care of everything including the bureaucratic aspect. Furthermore, the inspection, the estimate and the project are completely free.

5) Sign the contract and start work. Based on the document, the duration of the works, the cost and the type will be defined and both parties will undertake to respect the terms.


What to do before renovating an apartment

By law, before undertaking the renovation works in an apartment in an apartment building, one must be sent by registered mail or PEC exhaustive communication to the administrator who will present it to the assembly. Only in the event that these interventions cause damage or nuisances can measures be taken. In addition, it is good practice to read the Condominium Regulations in which the times for the works, the use of the lift and which interventions cannot be carried out are established.

Choose Case Renovation: play it safe

Thanks to 3D services offered from our company you can perform your work without surprises. In fact, you can choose during the design all the details before renovating the house: the type of floor, the arrangement of the furniture, the color of the walls and other motorbikes and you can see what your home will be like thanks to a video simulation. This way you can be sure that the final result it will fully reflect your desires and needs.

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