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During the design of your home you can apply some tricks to make it look visually bigger.

This way you can take advantage of your square meters to the maximum without sacrificing comfort. You will thus obtain a renovated home taking into account aspects related to aesthetics and functionality.

5 tips to visually enlarge your home


1) Match the colors of the walls and floor. The eye will perceive spaces as a unicum not distinguishing the details. The sense of order that derives from it will ensure breathing space. Thanks to this little trick you can already get great results. 






2) Light colors everywhere. How about using light or pastel shades for furniture too? These colors, increasing the brightness of the rooms will make them appear larger.

Green light for antique pink and havana for the kitchen or mint green and light blue for the bathroom.


light-visually enlarge-your-home



3) Sliding doors. Optimizing your spaces means using them as much as possible. Resort to pocket doors o in a casket represents an excellent solution.

In fact, sliding along their tracks will not clutter the room. We remind you that in order to install them it is necessary that the walls have a minimum thickness and there are no pipes.





4) Yes to the shades on the walls. Who said that you can't play with light colors? The important is DON'T go overboard with i contrasts! The shades along the walls make the walls seem wider.

You can make them from top to bottom or vice versa with the wise use of paints or paint wallpaper.




5) Space-saving furnishings. To make your home look bigger you can use suspended furniture. The shelves they are perfect for the living area while for the bathroom we suggest suspended toilets.

Also, another viable alternative is to resort to multifunctional furniture like sofa beds and folding trolleys.





Are you satisfied with our advice to visually enlarge your home?

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