Work House Restructuring since 1998 throughout Italy, thanks to the numerous offices that we have active on the national territory.
In the course of our history, we have had the opportunity to build a truly broad portfolio of individuals, businesses and public administrations.
We are able to intervene on most extraordinary properties, ranging from apartment renovations to commercial renovations, we guarantee in all cases an excellent end result, with attention to every detail.

Design care and attention to the customer

We reserve the utmost attention to project phases, fundamental so that the restructuring can respond to the customer's needs in the best possible way: our professionals satisfy the client with the utmost dedication, making use of their know-how to ensure that their preferences match in a functional and aesthetically appealing project .
Over the years we have structured and perfected a professional approach very rigorous, based on the best quality and above all with the aim of offering the customer the most solid guarantees.

Free personalized estimate and All Inclusive service

The execution of the site inspection at the building to be renovated, the construction of the first project and also the presentation of the quote they are steps that we provide free of charge and without commitment, and there are very few companies operating in this sector.
If the customer is enthusiastic about the project and intends to accept the estimate, we will take care of the renovation in an absolutely complete way, exempting him from any technical and administrative duty: the customer must do nothing but wait for the completion of the work to have his finely restored building.

Operational transparency and cutting-edge technologies

We strictly adhere to the timing at the end of the works and, in general, we have always considered transparency and professional honesty as fundamental factors.
Precisely for this reason we have used important resources to develop innovative tools through which the customer can have an extremely clear picture of the work being done: first of all we can provide a three-dimensional project from which you can appreciate the glance of the rooms once renovated, specifying many technical details.
We also provide the customer with aApp from which he can monitor the evolution of the construction site even remotely, simply by connecting to the Internet from any device, without prejudice to the fact that he can go to the property whenever he wants to touch what is being created.

The rigorous selection of materials and building elements employees, together with the great professionalism of all our staff, this is what has allowed us to establish ourselves in this sector on a national scale, but we believe that the attention we turn to each of our customers and our operating methods, based on absolute transparency, are equally important.