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La renovation of an apartment it is a complex building operation that allows to renew the main components of the environments, both those of a purely aesthetic nature such as flooring and tiles, and functional ones such as electrical and hydraulic systems. When the house is restructured, different difficulties may be encountered, related to the structural conditions of the house, the complexity of the materials to be applied and the techniques to be used. For this reason it is essential to rely on a serious and competent construction company, able to perform professional jobs with the right quality / price ratio. In this guide we will explain how to choose the construction company best for home renovation and avoid incurring inconvenient problems.

How to renovate the house: the work to be carried out

The renovation works are building interventions aimed at the transformation of existing buildings through the restoration, replacement, modification or elimination of old architectural elements or through the insertion of new elements and installations. Thanks to the restructuring, it is possible to improve the functionality of the home and increase its economic value in the event of a sale. This solution can be implemented by those who have just purchased a home and want to customize it according to their needs or by those who simply want to revolutionize the look of their habitual home. During a renovation they can be carried out different jobs:

  • Masonry for the modification of the internal subdivision of the environments;
  • Raising or demolishing walls;
  • Transformation of ancillary surfaces such as attics or basements, in habitable surfaces;
  • Replacing the frames existing;
  • Wall whitening;
  • Replacing floors and tiles;
  • Renovation of the plants electric, hydraulic and boiler and heating;
  • Repair or roof renovation;
  • Port replacement old and worn.

These are just some of the jobs that can be done during a renovation. To choose which changes to make, it is advisable to get in touch with a construction company that, by means of an inspection at the home, will suggest which works to perform based on the needs of the owners and the structural characteristics of the environments. Once the changes to be made have been established, a budget for restructuring including the costs necessary to carry out the restructuring that must be approved by both parties, before its execution. The construction company also has the task of indicating to the client what the i will be delivery time of the property that will have to be established based on the complexity of the work to be performed.

Find out how to choose a home renovation company with some simple tips

A very important choice during a restructuring is that of the construction company to which assign the realization of the works. In Italy there are many companies that carry out renovation works on the buildings and are easily traceable via internet or local newspaper advertisements. However, not all construction companies are reliable and able to offer guarantees on the success of the work. At times non-specialized operators attract potential customers by proposing their restructuring at an excessively low cost compared to market prices, offering poor performance that over time can lead to unpleasant negative consequences for unsuspecting tenants. There are some methods to choose anapartment renovation company, home renovation companyserious and professional building outlet to whom entrust your own restructuring and not risk wasting precious time and money:

Site inspection: a reliable company always carries out a preliminary inspection in the places to be restored, before establishing the work to be done and the final price. In general, this is a visit provided free of charge, except in rare cases where the property to be reached appears to be particularly distant and an additional cost may be required for the transfer. The inspection serves to examine the amount of work to be performed and the possible difficulties that could be encountered. It also allows the company to provide useful advice to the customer on the type of restructuring that is most suitable for their property.

Detailed project: every self-respecting professional carries out a detailed project of the work to be carried out during the renovation, planning the various aspects. This allows you to optimize the work and make it easier to perform, in the manner and on schedule. For this reason, when choosing a construction company, it is important to make sure that it is able to provide the customer with a detailed restructuring plan on the various stages of the work, so as not to find any unpleasant surprises later.

Delivery time: when making contact with a construction company it is essential to establish the delivery time of the renovated property. A serious company always respects the times indicated at the time of the agreement and does not ask for extra money in the event of a possible delay, not dependent on the customer. The timing must be agreed based on the type of work to be performed. Beware of those who propose excessively short times for the execution of complex jobs since they are probably interventions carried out superficially by non-competent people.

Price quotation: following the inspection, the

construction company

has the task of providing a detailed estimate to the customer, so that he can freely decide to start the works or to turn to another company.

A good quote must include all expenses related to the


, such as: the costs of the materials to be purchased, the remuneration related to the labor, the costs of the means used for the job, the costs of disposal of the rubble and the costs inherent to each service provided. Finally, make sure that the final price includes VAT, to avoid having to pay a different amount than the one indicated on the final estimate.

Conclusion of a contract between the parties: once arrangements have been made with the construction company, this will have to deliver to the customer a contract attesting to the agreements made by both parties and their respective signatures. The contract binds the company to provide the declared services and guarantees the client that the works are regularly carried out. A professional construction company is willing to provide its customers with every guarantee they need as it is sure of the quality of its work.

Company contact person: in a specialized company the roles are well defined and each figure deals with different aspects of the job. Generally there is a company contact person to whom the customer can rely to discuss the different aspects of the restructuring. Furthermore a good referent must be easily traceable, by telephone or by appointment, and be available to clarify all the doubts of the customers in the various phases of the work.

Costs per Mq: the cost of the renovation works is established based on the number of square meters to be treated, which is why a larger house may require a higher renovation cost, compared to a smaller apartment. A good construction company informs the customer of the costs per square meter of his services, in order to allow him to correctly calculate the final price of the work. Furthermore, prices must always be in line with those on the market. A company that offers services at an excessively low cost probably uses poor quality materials and unskilled labor.

apartment renovation company, home renovation companySpecialized figures: the presence of specialized figures is fundamental for the success of a good job of restructuring. Professional construction companies have several workers specialized in different tasks and techniques. Furthermore, an architect is often present who can provide useful advice on the execution of structural works that involve profound changes to the building. Be wary of companies where only generic workers are present as they will be unlikely to perform complex high quality work.

Historicity of the company
: before entrusting a job to a company, it is necessary to verify its legal and fiscal history, to avoid incurring future problems. The historicity of the company can be known by consulting the register of companies, a public register viewable by all interested citizens where legally registered companies are entered with their personal data and contact details. This tool provides a complete picture of the operation and reliability of the company, an element that should not be underestimated in choosing the right one to entrust with the renovation of your home.

Regularity of the DURC: a way to verify that a construction company is safe and authorized to carry out renovation work is to view the DURC. This is a document that certifies the tax-paying regularity of the company. It refers to the fulfillment of legislative and contractual obligations towards INPS, INAIL and the Building Fund. If the DURC is negative, the company is not authorized to carry out the works and therefore its performances are not to be considered reliable. The customer can request the DURC from the company to check the status. If the construction company is serious and reliable it will certainly not have difficulty in providing the document.

Application of safety standards at work: the companies that invest resources to make their workers work safely are always the best and the most professional. In fact, any restructuring involves risks that must be limited with the use of adequate equipment and compliance with safety regulations at work. It is better to avoid companies that show a superficial attitude towards the dangers that can be hidden behind building interventions because this denotes a lack of knowledge and superficiality of the work.

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