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La complete renovation of an old house is a very interesting challenge, not surprisingly so many people choose to undertake an operation like this. Restructuring old houses is something very suggestive, since in this way it is possible to revive the charm of houses built many decades ago. At the same time, buying houses for renovation can be a very valid idea even on a purely economic level.

Performing a complete renovation undoubtedly involves an economic investment, however, if the works are well executed, at the end of the same the value of the property will certainly be much higher. It is not at all uncommon for those who have invested in renovations of old houses to succeed in selling the properties in a very fruitful way thanks to the capital gains created, and for this reason therefore, renovating old houses is an attractive opportunity.

Parallel to this, of course, there are also many people who undertake restructuring processes simply for their own personal and family needs, therefore in order to ensure a pleasant and functional home in which to live. In both cases the works must be carried out with the utmost care and nothing must be left to chance, therefore it is a very important advice, however trivial, that of turn to professionals that they can successfully deal with all aspects related to the intervention.

Often one is led to believe that an expert's advice is an important cost, a sort of luxury that only those who have a large budget can afford, in reality it is not at all like that, and it is possible to secure the services of a valid professional spending more than reasonable amounts.

Even in this sector the competition is very intense, consequently the professionals cannot afford to raise their rates any further, to this we must add the fact that allocating part of the budget to an expert's advice means improving the quality of the final result, and it is known as quality is able, in the long run, to turn into savings. So if you want to start renovating a dated house, then finding a good professional is the first step that needs to be taken.

Obviously the expert you choose to contact will not arbitrarily organize the restructuring, on the contrary it is very important that you compare yourself with your client in a meticulous and constant way: the encounter between technical knowledge and the professional's experience with the aesthetic expectations of those seeking advice will certainly guarantee an impeccable result.

Find out how to renovate an old house in an economical and functional way

Every renovation is different from the others, this is indeed one of the reasons why interventions of this type can always be very suggestive, however there are some general suggestions that can be brought to the attention of those who have decided to undertake this journey aimed at reviving an ancient building.

To carry out a complete renovation it is a good practice to start from the floors: these surfaces are in fact among the first elements that are analyzed by professionals in organizing a renovation, and this is not surprising, given that on floors they must then be applied all the furnishings.

On many occasions ancient houses boast very interesting retro floors, such as those made of stone or large bricks: on the basis of multiple aspects it will be chosen whether to make the most of the existing flooring or to create new ones, opting perhaps for latest generation materials able to guarantee quality and durability.

Another primary aspect to which attention must be paid with utmost care in a complete renovation is also the control of all the building's systems, namely the electrical system, the hydraulic system, the gas pipes and other technical elements. It is very common that in older buildings these plants are in rather critical conditions: on some occasions it is necessary to carry out targeted repairs, in others instead the plants must be built from scratch precisely because they are now very obsolete.

old houseThese technical interventions generally have an important weight on the overall restructuring costs, consequently, getting alongside an experienced professional is very important not only for organizing the restructuring intervention, but also for evaluating the condition of the building to which you are interested. It is very important that the systems are made with due care and that they know how to be resistant and efficient: in relation to these technical elements, nothing can be left to chance.

Implants play a crucial role so that you can make one complete energy restructuring, but they are not the only aspect able to influence from this point of view. In order to renovate old houses making them energy efficient, it is also necessary to intervene on doors and windows: the fixtures that were commonly used a few decades ago were much less valid than those of today from a technical point of view, therefore installing the latest generation windows and doors can be very important in view energy efficiency, as well as in terms of functionality, safety and design.

It should also be emphasized that in many buildings, windows and French windows are often rather small in size, precisely to prevent internal heat from being dispersed easily. Today the modern fixtures are able to guarantee an extremely more efficient level of thermal insulation, in the light of this, therefore, one can think of opening new windows or otherwise extending those already existing, also in consideration of the fact that many ancient buildings are in able to offer a very pleasant view, rising in very suggestive places.

The windows and doors have a crucial role in favoring the thermal insulation of the building, but this aspect can also be optimized through other types of construction, for example by installing panels and similar insulating solutions. When we talk about insulating panels we do not only refer to the panels dedicated to thermal insulation, but also to those concerning sound insulation: by choosing ad hoc panels and windows, in fact, it is possible to optimize a building also from this point of view, and this can only make it more comfortable and of greater commercial value.

The complete energy restructuring of an ancient house can also be related to the many latest-generation technological devices, which can have a major impact on energy efficiency and comfort. There are many examples, just think of modern condensing boilers, or even air conditioning systems that can effectively prevent any waste.

If you wish today, you can equip your home with automations that up until a few years ago would have seemed futuristic to say the least: you can choose “intelligent” switches that can switch on and off by independently detecting the presence of people inside the room, heating and air conditioning systems remotely controllable, through common apps to download on your smartphone, and many other cutting-edge technologies able to optimize energy consumption in a very important way.

Furthermore, we must not stress that today it is possible to produce clean energy independently, re-using it immediately for domestic consumption. It may be a good idea, for example, to install small photovoltaic systems: surely this type of work weighs on the overall restructuring costs, but they are also able to guarantee a very consistent reduction in energy consumption which is soon translated into in a long-term economic saving.

If we talk about the renovation work on old houses we cannot fail to point out that today it is very convenient to carry out operations of this type, since the State provides advantageous tax incentives dedicated to both renovations and the purchase of a wide range of products able to improve the energy efficiency of a building, from fixtures to technological systems.

The overall restructuring costs that will have to be incurred to recover an old house in an impeccable way can only benefit from these tax benefits, and a professional is able to support his client also from an administrative point of view, both as regards the use of these incentives and the request for municipal permits necessary to carry out the work.

how to renovate an old house exteriorAs one can well imagine, from the aesthetic point of view the renovations of old houses can present the most disparate peculiarities: to organize the design of an environment it is certainly useful to consider the characteristics of the building, but personal tastes undoubtedly constitute the aspect central. Those who have chosen to renovate an old house have total blank paper from this point of view, obviously a professional knows how to provide valuable suggestions and knows how to transform the customer's expectations into a concrete project.

In general it is a good suggestion to "respect" the original style of the house: its interior spaces can be innovated, there is no doubt, but to enhance its charm it is preferable not to upset them. Well aware of this, the designers usually identify in advance the most interesting points of the building so that they are not distorted by the restyling.

Another rather recurrent requirement in renovating old houses is also that of "lightening" interior design, thus making it less elaborate, less serious. Many ancient houses in fact have very formal interior settings, very rich in elements, not only with regard to the furniture properly understood, but also with regard to structural elements such as for example stairs or windows.

Especially in environments where wood predominates, this feeling of excessive "weight" is frequent, so it is customary for designers to be asked to innovate these so markedly classic environments even when you do not want to distort them. An experienced professional is certainly able to work wisely, respecting the classic essence of these environments and combining it with the need to carry out a contemporary restyling.

The renovation work on old houses therefore represents a varied and complex path, in which it is necessary to pay attention to different aspects, from the complete energy renovation of the building to the care of the design, what is certain however is that the houses to be restored can preserve indeed an immense potential, and in the face of small economic investments they can be radically transformed at a functional and aesthetic level, thus multiplying their value.

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