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You have purchased a small apartment of about 50 square meters and you want to build a mini loft. The environment, with the help of a good architect and with our advice, can become a house with a great personality. To harmonize small spaces, the two key points are: a project that enhances light and the choice of space-saving furniture. In a small room you can indulge yourself with the brightest colors creating that very cool "box effect". Let's see how to create a small open space.

Studio apartment: the best furnishing solutions

A small house is a night & day, that is studied in every centimeter to be functional both day and night. Generally these sizes have a single window and for this reason the open space is the most suitable choice. In this way, natural light will be exploited to the maximum and no centimeters will be lost from the division of the rooms, entrance and corridors.

Furnishing a studio apartment means exploiting all the free walls both horizontally and vertically. You will have to be good at find and create spaces to contain. Our advice is to leave the center of the room free to make the total space appear larger. The essential furnishing solutions for an open space of 50 square meters are:

  1. A closet full-wall with many compartments and drawers
  2. Choosing one compact kitchen (At most, choose a length of 280 cm and only one row of wall units.)
  3. Choosing one super functional bookcase and very well equipped for TV or reading area.

To better enjoy your studio then choose a few basic furnishings looking for the right combination of shapes, materials and color. The key is always to focus on coordinated elements. Opt for a contemporary style, you'll make everything easier. 

The closet wall e the kitchen in a studio apartment: features to search for

When you have to insert a closet wall in a small studio apartment, the choice is hard. Keep in mind that the structure to be functional, must be one with the long wall and almost replace it.

Make sure that it extends up to the front door, so as to create niches that frames the window frame. Even if the customized solution in the furniture factory has a very different cost from the ready-made furniture, know that it will perform its function better and you will feel less constrained in space.

Choose the style the total white and furniture without handles so as to disappear into the wall. On the same principle as the concealed insert, we also recommend the kitchen. You can then enhance it with the scenographic use of a LED lighting system: it will be the theatrical hit of the room. Prefer a round table to a rectangular one, it will give the feeling of taking up less space and you will be able to turn around it more easily.


to restructure a  50 studio flat mq.

Our advice for make the most of limited space is to choose a bookcase that also collects the sofa that then at night will become your bed. During the day it will be used to host friends or as a place to read.

If you are going to

to renovate a studio apartment of 50 sqm

or in any case a narrow starting space:

  1. Increase natural light by creating new openings in the roof.
  2. Always use clear finishes and furnishings to amplify the space.
  3. Place mirrors in strategic areas to create a visual effect of depth.
  4. Use the same floor across the surface (even in the bathroom!)
  5. Use the attic to create closets in counter ceilings.
  6. Better "Dig" in the walls of small niches to store items and avoid protruding shelves.
  7. Always choose transformable furnishings: eg a puff that turns into a bed or a small table.

Have you purchased a studio apartment and you're running out of ideas for renovating and furnishing spaces?

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