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Restructuring of domestic space: total or partial?

It is not always necessary totally restructure your home to change its style and optimize its space. Often, especially if the general conditions of the house are good, it is sufficient to intervene partially on the environments, obviously asking for advice from a good person architect that also deals with interior design, so as to make the most of the available space. For total renovation we mean the complete demolition of all the floors, partitions, systems, the reconstruction of the walls, with a new painting, new skirting boards, fixtures, furnishings and sanitary fixtures: a remake at 360 °.

The partial renovation, instead, consists in the reconstruction of one or more rooms, often creating two separate areas in a larger room or, vice versa, creating a single large open space from two smaller rooms. The renovation of the chosen space usually also includes the dismantling and rebuilding of the flooring, the painting of the walls, new furnishings, sanitary ware and faucets. Certainly facing a partial renovation involves lower costs and more sustainable than a complete renovation of the whole house.

This type of work is usually chosen by those who do not want (or cannot) totally change the structure of their home, or by those who simply want to give it a new life, using spaces differently and modernizing the look of the home. In this way, even if you do not completely change the structure of the building, you can adapt the environments according to your needs and tastes, making them more comfortable and appreciating them more, to rediscover what it really means to feel at home.

The importance of furniture and the figure of the architect

When you want to undertake a process of renovation and renovation of your home, it is essential to contact an architect. It is he who, according to the client's needs, gives shape to the project and makes it be implemented. In addition to dealing with the architectural transformation of environments, it can also be used as an interior designer. The interior designer is one who is interested exclusively in the aesthetic side, dealing with improvements, finishes and furnishings. The professional figure that deals with interior design, especially during a partial renovation aimed at optimizing space, must pay close attention to choosing the most suitable furnishings for this purpose.

The right architectural and furnishing choices are decisive in obtaining comfortable and comfortable spaces, but at the same time practical and functional. Moreover, especially for those who have a small house, it is important to exploit the light because it amplifies the perception of greatness, the architect will surely base his project even taking this factor into account. It is also possible to request a 3D virtual renovation project to realize how the environments will be before they even begin work.

To divide a large room into two smaller ones, different methods can be used: building walls in different materials and installing doors (usually sliding ones), using dividers / screens, bookcases and other furnishings. When it comes to optimizing space (both in big houses and, above all, in small houses) the choice of furniture is fundamental. First of all, many subdivisions can be created with the arrangement of the furniture. Secondly, it is essential that the furnishings are suitable for the environment they are going to occupy, trying to take full advantage of the space. Furthermore, they must be used with creativity and cunning. This is why it is important to rely on an interior design expert who knows how to enhance the home environment.

How to optimize the home space with the partial renovation of a single portion of the house. The living area

If you have one kitchen suggiorno (or a large kitchen) and you want to divide the two areas, you can proceed with the restructuring of the space in different ways. One can be to install an inter-wall, there are different materials (wood, glass, plasterboard) and styles. Or a glass structure with a sliding door, very beautiful aesthetically and functionally because it does not disperse the light while dividing the room. In this way the two environments can be well separated (for example, while cooking and do not want to spread odors in other areas of the house), while at other times you can enjoy a large open space.

optimize-space-restructuring-partial-kitchenIf the renovation of the space involves separating rooms with a partition wall, you can think of using plasterboard, an economical, effective and very versatile solution. The wall created can be decorated or, to take full advantage of the space created by it, very useful shelves can be placed. Another material that can be used to create a division is glass block, which gives a lot of brightness. It can be found in different versions, smooth, wavy, colored, and also in different shapes and cuts.

If you do not want to completely separate the two environments, you can also choose to create a column or half wall in plasterboard. You can use that space to place shelves, or on one side a kitchen cabinet, on the other one of the living room. If there is no need to use the spaces obtained from the wall, then this can be decorated with patterns, images, prints or paintings.

Alternatively you can opt for a booth. Here too you can indulge in the choice because there are many varieties in different designs and materials (wood, metal, glass, bamboo, cork, rice paper, solid color, colored, with figures, geometries, abstract shapes or photographs).

The most used method to divide two zones is to play with the set-up, thus creating a division with the furnishings. You can create a partition with a bookcase, a shelf, an equipped wall (maybe double face to take full advantage of the spaces offered by the element), or with the furniture of the kitchen itself, for example the peninsula. In this way two completely separate areas are not obtained, but an open space with the two distinct areas, optimizing the space using the most important element of the kitchen: the work surface. Taking advantage of the kitchen counter as a divider, you can also incorporate practical and design elements such as stools into the furniture, so that guests from the living room can sit and chat with the landlord who is intent on cooking. Or you can prepare breakfast while watching the children in the living room or sitting at the counter of the peninsula.

A very charming element that can be used to divide the kitchen from the living room is the fireplace. Besides being a structure of great visual impact and which gives the room an extreme sense of welcome, the fireplace positioned between the kitchen and living room can also be used to heat these two rooms. To further optimize the space in the kitchen, the architect can choose creative solutions such as the table with drawers (to hold cutlery and tablecloths), and opt for shelves and shelves with cans and containers, instead of using cabinets and cabinets.

Optimize space in the sleeping area

optimize-space-restructuring-partial-roomSometimes, by necessity or personal taste, you can choose to divide the bedroom into two different areas. This can happen because you have a small house and therefore you want to optimize the space obtaining from the sleeping area also a livable area, a study or a walk-in closet. In other cases, on the other hand, it may happen that you have a room for the night that is so wide that it seems to be little used and therefore you choose to divide it to be used as part of an office, a hobby room, a gym or even a private bathroom.

If the room is very small you could opt for a loft bed. This solution makes it possible not to give up the convenience of having a double bed, but without taking up space on the floor, which can instead be used as an office area or to place a wardrobe. Similarly, if the ceiling is high enough and there are ideal conditions, it is possible to create a mezzanine where to place the bed, while the area below can become the office or a living area where you can spend time even during the day or with guests.

A very functional type of bed is the one with the container, where you can keep blankets and bed linen. To divide the sleeping area you can use the wardrobe, the desk, a beautiful design bookcase, a divider, a half wall (or half wall) or a plasterboard wall.

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