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The attic: a poorly valued environment

La attic it is a room of the building located immediately below the roof, so the ceiling reflects the descending trend of the pitches, limiting the livable areas coinciding with the ridge. In the perimeter area, in fact, the height is insufficient to accommodate a person but this feature can be contained with different solutions. If you own or buy a house with an attic, restructure la attic it is an excellent idea to obtain an additional room to be used for any use according to your needs.

Considering the location of this room, it is necessary to install a valid one thermal insulation of attic in order to contain the high summer temperatures. The cost of the intervention is high but with the help of a industry expert it is possible to enhance the attic by using the investment correctly.

The main problem with this place

Since the attic is located below the roof of the building, it is the area most exposed to climatic agents, in particular the temperature variations of the summer and winter seasons. Summer is the time of year that makes it impossible to stay in this place due to the intensity of the sun's rays. Many hope to get around the problem by installing a powerful air conditioning system but the result is an increase in electricity consumption and, consequently, a high bill.

Air conditioning a non-isolated area is a bad choice and a useless waste of money. For this reason it is essential restructure il attic although this represents a cost to bear. However, by qualitatively improving the insulation of the attic, not only does the value of the house increase but the benefit is also perceptible in the lower floors of the building.

Some good reasons to renovate the attic

First of all, restructure la attic it means recovering an unused or scarcely used space that can be used in different ways. In this room it is possible to create an additional room which, otherwise, does not find space in the plan of the lower floors. For example, you can create a bedroom, a relaxation area where you can spend time or a fitness area to be furnished with various gymnastic tools.

If, on the other hand, it is large enough and there is the possibility, it can be transformed into a mini apartment to rent to young couples or singles, thus being able to recover the investment made over time. Also, a compelling reason for the renovation is the state incentive which allows one Irpef deduction up to 50% of the sum used.

Discover how to keep the attic cool in the summer and maintain a comfortable climate


In the attic it is therefore necessary to be able to maintain a suitable climatic condition for staying in the room both in summer and in winter. In fact, the temperature must not be subject to increase in summer, but must not drop below a certain value in cold periods. Therefore, it is necessary to insulate the roof using modern and highly efficient materials, the perimeter walls and, although it seems superfluous, the floor.

Since the attic is located on the top, a source of heat is given by the floors below, so the best choice is to also insulate the flooring. Moreover, when you go to restructure il attic it is advisable to also replace the fixtures and install new ones that can guarantee a high insulating power.

Which isolation to choose

Considering the need to thermally insulate the attic, in renovation it is a must to opt for the best insulating material on the market. The reason is contained in the limited space that can be had in the attic: by installing modest insulation it will be necessary to create larger volumes to contain it, otherwise, by using a high quality one it will be possible to reduce the thickness.

The most used technique involves the creation of a plasterboard cavity between the roof and the attic, however the overall dimensions and compliance with the minimum habitability criteria required by law must be assessed. As for the flooring, you can opt for expanded clay or plastic materials in which it is useful to insert a heating system with radiant panels. This expense is easily absorbed by the savings that this system offers compared to the classic ones.

Some ideas to renovate the attic

In restructure a attic le ideas they are many because this space is full of potential to be exploited. The best choice is to create a bedroom or a relaxation area equipped with every comfort. The great advantage of the attic is the brightness, an element that must be enhanced by painting the walls with light colors. This contributes not only to improving livability but also to giving the effect of a large and airy environment. On the contrary, the dark shades would make the attic a cramped room.

As for the slope of the aquifer, it is possible to remedy this by placing custom-made furniture to make the best use of the little space, or to place a small sofa to relax. Such as coating is to be preferred wood, especially untreated, of light paste and a parquet on the floor. For lighting, chandeliers and lamps should be avoided, the right choice is to install LED strips, which are economical, versatile and highly energy efficient.

A high but advantageous investment

We often do not realize that restructure a attic ha Costi high but the value of the redeveloped unit is significantly higher than expected. On average the base price per square meter of an attic is of 2.000,00 €, the restructuring has a cost of approximately € 1.000,00 / sqm. Once the redevelopment interventions have been carried out, the value of the property is between 4.000,00 and 3.500,00 € / mXNUMX depending on the location in the city or in the suburbs.

This means that the gain for the owner who invests in the renovation of their attic is largely covered by the final purchased value. In addition to this, the qualitative improvement of the entire building and, as previously mentioned, the possibility of get back the half of the investment taking advantage of state subsidies.

The improvement made to the house


There is no doubt that restructure il attic involves an improvement on the whole building. First of all, the increase in value of the real estate unit which, in recent years, turns out to be a precious asset as it is the capitalization of savings accumulated in life. Therefore, if you wish to sell the house, the building interventions carried out can contribute to a facilitated sale due to the restructuring and much faster than other properties.

In particular, this is found in large cities where space is a limited resource and, consequently, has a more insistent demand than in peripheral areas. So here is that restructure a attic obtained by inheritance or a property that you own but is not used, it is a great way to speed up the selling times by obtaining a substantial profit.

Why contact an industry expert

Considering the investment you need to allocate for restructure a attic, it is advisable to request the help of experienced and qualified personnel. First of all, it is necessary to contact an engineer or an architect to design the renovation and to carry out the various paperwork required. Given the limited space of the attic, it is better to consult a plumber and an electrician to define the location of the systems, minimizing their size while maintaining functionality.

It is advisable to rely on companies specialized inthermal insulation of attic, in laying the floor heating and in energy efficiency of buildings. Last but not least, an interior designer can be useful because, given the narrowness of the living area, he will be able to make an excellent contribution in the positioning of the furniture and in the search for the most suitable solutions for the attic, as well as in the choice of coverings.

Mistakes to not commit and good habits

Once the attic has been renovated, there are some mistakes not to be made to maintain good living conditions inside the room. You can buy an air conditioner as long as it is class A or higher, but some must be adopted economic remedies such as the installation of blackout curtains or shutters on the windows that guarantee a lower internal temperature up to 8 ° C compared to the outside. Furthermore, it is necessary to take advantage of the cooler hours of the day to ventilate the attic using the building's air column. Eventually you can install a ceiling fan to circulate the air in summer and convey the warm one towards the floor in the cold months. If you have a terrace, it is convenient to equip it with green shade plants.

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